New Onza for Booji!

Hooray, my new Onza trials arrived today. What a beauty. Unfortunatly, I have come down with a cold just in time to NOT ride my new unicycle. Methinks the Nyquil would affect my balance anyway.

Here’s a picture of it, if anyone was curious as to what the new ones looked like, since the picture appears to be out of date. Cheers.


awsome, I got my onza about 5 months ago, I couldn’t be happier with it. I know you’ll like it.

the only problem I had was the spokes came loose but thats an easy fix

I just powder coated mine I’ll post the pix after its put togather, if you would like to see them

hope you get we’ll soon so you can test your new machine:)

I got me an onza a couple of months ago…and am proud to announce that within a couple of days it shall be adorned with a beautiful, fluffy, leapord skin seat cover(with matching helmet covering…mmmm…pornalicious). I’ll get some piccies up once the pornifying of the unicycle is complete.


sounds yummy:)

mmmmmmmmmm - that is one nice uni!
I love the look of new unicycle, especially one as flash as an Onza, I’ll post some pics of my new custom uni in a while…


Those pedals looks like weapons of ultra destruction.:smiley:

Yeah, very menacing. Luckily I ordered some 661’s along with it, so hopefully i can avoid any bloodshed.

Today was my first day actually riding it. It’s amazing how smooth and stable it is. riding up to curbs i can stop and do a 5sec standstill before hoping up. I could never do that before on my junker. Having the wider tire sure helps with balance.

heres my onza

Must…travel back to Philly…get unicycles…powder…coated…losing strength for some reason…