New on youtube but seen before, NASTY FALL

This is an old fall and it was in an old video but for the benefit of new people and i only just got the individual footage so i uploaded it, its pretty nasty i recokn



lol sorry ironic i did that on my first ever video

wow that was pretty nasty. So how did the wood taste? jk.

Shit !!! Omg !

What exactly were you trying to do? Pedal grap over that rail?

That fall looked rele painful, too bad the camera shut off right away

i kinda did the sae thing!

well it was the first (but not last) thing i did that night so i figured id warm up with something easy but would look nice so i was going to rolli8ng hop over the rail and into the mini quarter, obviously the line up was wrong but i thought oh ill just try it while imhere lol terrible pain, and yeh its a shame the camera shut off and also that there was no sound. xxx

that looked painfull

Ouch that would kill…did you chip a touth?

Awsome ridding!

JW from seeing you’re other vid… how did you get on blue peter? Thats kool.


lol u hinting that i cant ride ha ha, na one of their researchers saw me in the newspaper and then they emailed us an it was a bit of a marathon from there in terms of organisation, missed the train aswell so missed my bbc lunch that i was supposed to get lol