New "On One" 26 x 4 MUni tire!

Awesome tire and no more self-steering!

Unboxing - install - ride test

Awesome! I wish they made these for 24". :frowning:

You’re late to the party holmes.

I studded mine and it is awesome!

I wish every tire was available in colors. Makes it a hell of a lot easier to swallow the price tag that some of them carry…

Awsome Tire

Ha Hah Terry!!! Love the video+how you throw the tire on the rim.

Looks awesome and great video!

Great vid, Terry - and tyre looks very nice… Doesn’t the Oregon need to be green again now? :slight_smile:

What tube are you using - the On One one? Just wondering if you had to adjust your rim to fit a schrader valve? Or would it still work the Presta set up that shipped with the Oregon?
Thanks in advance

Already There

You’re late to the party holmes.

I studded mine and it is awesome!

You might consider, With Terry on board it is Studded, Holmes!

Yeah, I got some six months ago, they are designed by “Shiggy”, a local guy (Wenatchee), it’s a really good tire, kinda heavy (1400-1450gm), but awesome traction and the sidewall has good structure so you can run low psi and still have a solid tire. Think Nate but burlier.

There are two 24 x 4" tires available, one is a Specialized Ground Clearance, it comes on the mini fat bike, not available for purchase yet, probably by Summer. I will be getting this tire for my mini fat Oregon :slight_smile:

The other 24 x 4: is a Taiwanese branded tire, it comes on the Framed Mini Fat Bike. You can get these direct; Framed is not selling the tire.

And they’re colored.

I saw the specialized one. My lbs said it would be available in February. I thought it was a fat ground control. I’ve used the regular ground control in the past and it’s one of my favorite tires, so hopefully the fat version will be just as fun. I wasn’t able to find a place to directly purchase the Framed tire.

And for the very short folks or very crazy folks (or both :smiley: ), there should be a 20x4.0 version too :stuck_out_tongue:

So it makes 3 fat 24in tires with the Vee Rubber Mission 24x4.0 (and 4 the day where On-One will produce the floater in 24x4.0 for their baby fatty).

I like the tread design of the On One better than the Vee rubber mission, which reminds me of the Larry tread design, with the longer, more arrow shaped knobs. It might not “self steer” as much as the Larry, but just prefer the more traditional knobby pattern of the On One.

Has anyone measured the width of the On One 26 x 4 mounted on a Large Marge Lite rim? I am wondering how it compares to the Nate.

Mines on a Darryl, but one thing these tires are praised for is their ‘true’ 4" size. I’m right at 4" wide if not a teensy bit wider.

Thanks for the video! My experience with fat tires is they are great on sand but I find myself constantly fighting to keep them straight on hard pack trails with a lot of changing camber (which isn’t a problem for a 26x3 tire). The tires I tried were the Vee Rubber Mission 24x4, Origin8 Captiv8er 26x3.5, and Origin8 Devist8er 26x4. It’s possible that the tire profile may be a factor and maybe the On One Floater has a different profile. I’ll probably get one of these for visibility alone but I’m skeptical it will suit my needs out of the river bed.

The On One Floater tire is made by Vee Rubber for On One.

And yes, the Specialized tire is call a Ground Control. I had a brain fart :wink:

The tread is very aggressive on the Floater, it still suffers from auto steer like all fat tires, but not as much as something like the Mission.

The Mission is made in a 24 x 4", but it’s not a tire I’d ride due to auto steer.

The Specialized 24 x 4 should be a good tire. Hopefully this is the upsurge in 24" fat tires :slight_smile:

To say this tire doesn’t auto steer would be embellishing a bit. I still have trouble where the trail is rutted.

However, I’d you play with the pressure enough, I think it handles great in 99 percent of the conditions I encounter.

For me the Larry’s auto steer propensity was ever-present and, so far, the on one floater, with the much more traditional knobby tread has not shown anywhere near the same propensity. Maybe it’s because by contrast, whatever amount auto steer there may be, it’s almost unnoticeable with the on one. Also dialing in the optimum psi can make a big difference.

I think, the auto steer is less than with the larry because there is verry little rubber touching the ground. “Only” the nobs.