New Obstacles at Rays!

Apparently, Ray has done some pretty serious remodeling to his MTB Park! He’s added a whole slew of new obstacles :smiley: ! I know most of you guys haven’t even ridden the old ones yet, but some of the new ones look REALLY COOL! More rock (boulder) gardens to hop (or ride) through for those of you who like to do that kind of stuff, more skinnies, teeter-totters… and a bit of everything it seems! For the Coker pilots, there are new ramps to launch off (including one that looks amazing… I hope there’s enough clearance!) and some new berms that may be even better than the previous ones… and of course some real challenging UT (Uneven Terrain).

Rays is the place to be! And what better time to be there then when you and your fellow uni enthusiasts/friends from the forum are going to be there and we can have the WHOLE PLACE TO OURSELVES??? So even if you have no interest in Brian’s Movie and zero interest in my Rolling Trials stuff… if you are into MUni at all, trials, or just enjoy riding challenging terrain, if there is any way you can pull it off… get yourself to Rays on Febraury 19th, somehow, someway!!! There are hundreds of you out there… I know a few more of you can figure out a way to make it to Cleveland on the 19th. After you go there and have the Time of your Life… you’ll be happy that you figured out a way to pull it off! I hope to see you @ Rays…

And don’t forget to check out all the photos of the new obstacles at the park on their website: