New NOS Surly 26" conundrum and 36 hole Large Marge rim

Now for sale on Ebay, 26" Champagne colored new NOS (new old stock) Surly Conundrum fat snow unicycle frame. Its in Portland, OR, but I’m willing to ship this anywhere in the world:

And a 36 hole Large Marge rim with centered spoke holes, tube and rim strip, all new NOS (new old stock):

PM or text me at 503-358-2252 if you have any questions.
Bryce, Portland, OR







Bought it!

Now I’m the proud owner of a 24 and a 26!


Ha, ha. :astonished:

thanks for looking

Its SOLD and on its way in the mail tomorrow.


Got another one of them thar frames perchance?

Sorry Ben.
That was the last one in the Portland area that I know of that was un-built and still new. We bought all of the remaining ones Surly had when Surly pulled the plug on the Conundrum in like 2010 I think. I do think there are more Conundrums per square mile here in Portland than anywhere else on earth.

I wonder if they will ever renew their interest in unicycles since the fat Bike and fat MUNI thing has taken off now. They wouldn’t sell us their molds and tooling for the Conundrum, so maybe there is a chance they might dust them off some day??? Hope, hope please


Oh well, I still would like to find one, so if you here of one for sale, please pass it on.


Will do Ben