New Norwegian Vid!

I’ve finally finished my video, and here it is!
It’s 5 minutes and 26 seconds long.
Hope you all enjoy.


Link (70Mb)

Link (20Mb)

wow your really good i loved the video :sunglasses: I loved everything the grinds,540 unispins great vid are you really 14:p :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:

its good i like it

hey could someone put it in the gallery?

this was way good man, that grind into riding down the stairs was sick!! keep 'em coming



Holy crap, that was awesome man. Very well put together video too. I was amazed to see you do that rail then land riding down the stairs.

Lots of style, lots of skill, and a great video all around.

What was that red and black tire though?

Great stuff!


That was awesome!

wo, so good riding man , yours unispins5-4 are the easiers i’ve never seen :smiley:

wow, that was awesome man! thats some serious skill!

Yes, Onza Sticky Fingers. I got it from,
but I didn’t like it that much…

Usually, the gallery doesn’t work for me. But I can give it a try.

Thanks for all replies. :roll_eyes:

Here you go!

hey that was really sweet. u make those 540s look really easy. i loved that grind into riding down the steps.
later jon

WOW! How long have you been riding?

that was really nice riding. Very smooth and very stylish.

Awesome awesome video. Very impressive stuff man, I like the music too. :slight_smile:

Two years in January.

Two years in January.


When did you start unicycling?