New North Carolina Unicycling Group!

Please check out my new unicycling group at I am hoping the convenience of Meetup will allow riders to coordinate rides more easily. All riders are welcome to join and organize! Please contact me if you are interested in organizing.

The domain name is still being transferred. Eventually, will show in the URL bar. The website can also be reached at


Glad to see the new members!

Thank you to everyone for supporting this new meetup. I am surprised by how many riders are near my town.

I can’t get at those links from work.

Where do you live and ride?

There’s a bunch of riders in Asheville, I live in East Tennessee.

It would be cool to get together for a group ride, ever go to Tsali or Bent Creek?

That would be great!

I live in Holly Springs, NC. I would like to check out Bent Creek though. I have heard good things. Feel free to organize rides through the group. Let me know if you would like to organize.

North Carolina Unicycling

In response the the PM’s I received, I fixed the domain issue. is now the active domain!