New nimbus x frame on dx

Well I got a new nimbus X frame, put it on my 24’’ dx, and there seems to be a small issue. The right crank is literally about .5mm away from hitting the frame when it revolves, and the left crank does hit the frame.

I saw a thread once where someone said to put a lil shim on top of the bearing(such as a lil piece of aluminum cut off a can), but if I did that, then the right crank would hit the frame and the left wouldn’t.

I’m thinking I should just ride it the way it is, but I haven’t even rode it with that frame, and the cranks might hit the frame even more from it flexing when I sit on it. I don’t want it to get scratched which would void the warranty.

So should I just ride it until theres small dents in the frame so it won’t hit anymore, or should I create dents myself(which are both pretty bad ideas i guess), or should I just return the frame?

Try the shims, but maybe find something thinner than the metal of a popcan, or just work with the shims to get both sides even.

I wouldnt want to put dents in the frame, so if the shims dont work after a few combinations of them, e-mail where you got it from and see what you can get done.

Evan had that exact problem when I was at his house. One crank hit the frame so bad that it was hard to even turn it with your hand.

Solution: hammer

He just smacked the frame with a lead weight and dimpled then smoothed it out. You should maybe try to file down the crank a little where it hits to give it more clearance. Right now Evan’s uni is ridable but there is so little clearanc a little pebble stuck in there could result in some issues.

Yeah, I’m either going to raise the frame a lil with a couple shims to get it to the thinner part of the frame, or just put it in a vice.

That’s a good idea about the filing of the crank though. That would help a lot.