new nimbus trials and KH Muni profile hub/cranks and ..

Need to sell these two unicycles.
Nimbus Trials-green with KH street saddle, KH moments 125mm with KH rolo’s, Odyssey plastic orange pedals, maxxis tire. Only rode it 3 times. Like brand new!! Only ship/sell within USA please. $300.00
KH 24" Muni with Profile hub and cranks(170mm), magura brakes, KH rim, saddle, and red Premium BMX pedals with extra pins. Excellent condition except for the brake level is cracked where it is on under the saddle. Again, ship/sell in USA. $450.00
Also, i have 2 brand new DH Intense 24"x3" Muni tires. I will take $50 for both.
Any questions please pm me at and i will send some pictures so we can make a deal.

Kh 24???

Is the kh 24 still for sale?

I see you’ve been logged in and on the site yesterday and today, so I’m just wondering why there are no replies to my PM’s about the kh24? If your gonna post it, you should have the decency to follow through and get back to folks interested in it.

Guess your living up to your username…

Poor Communication!!

DUDE I sent this Guy A PM and a Email the day he posted his UNI’s and not a single reply :thinking: If your gonna sell something have the respect to return some messages!!

Sorry guys, i have been on vacation camping with little or no signal via cell phone or wi-fi. Please re-email or i will check in when i get home this weekend.
WOW,you guys are harsh out there.

Give people the benefit of the doubt. It often prevents you from looking like a fool.

If you want to sell stuff, posting it, then going on vacation isn’t probably the best way to handle it…

For me, I’m going to trust a person who replies to me in a timely manner. I wouldn’t do business online with someone I’m having a hardtime getting a hold of. I’m sure there are people who don’t mind though…

I don’t intend to come accross as an ass, but It’s probably too late for that.


would you sell parts idividually? and would you ship out if i paid shipping?

yeah, you’re an ass. I thought i would have easy acess to an internet hook-up. I thought wrong.

Dude where did you get the KH Muni from…it’s remarkably like this…Stolen: 07 Kris Holm, Wisconsin

Dude where did you get the KH Muni, it’s remarkably like this KH Muni…Stolen: 07 Kris Holm, Wisconsin

I hate to say this but…Dude, where did you get the KH from, besides the cranks it is remarkably similar to this…Stolen: 07 Kris Holm, Wisconsin :frowning:

NIMBUS trails still for sale!!!

OK, the KH Muni is sold. Thank you very much to the buyer and i hope he enjoys it, and the extra tube and goodies.

The Nimbus trials is still for sale=$300.00 s/h= $20.00. TOTAL = $320.00 within the USA please. More pictures and whatnnot please e-mail me at
I will respond b/c i am home for now on.
thanks for your understanding and patience.

yeah, that was mine that was stolen. I got it back. Found it in some trails weeks later. I cleaned it back up.

Cool, glad you got it back.

Yeah, me too. Nothing majorly wrong with it. Probably a bucnh of kids trying to be funny. The lever for the brake was cracked. I fixed it back up, rode a few ski hills with it and sold it to a very cool local who was very excited. A very cool (old) local!! J.K–i know you’ll read this. haha

That’s awesome, I don’t know how many times people actually find their rides after being taken, so when someone does it’s very cool. Glad someone honest is enjoying it! :smiley: