new nimbus trials and KH Muni profile hub/cranks and ..

Need to sell these two unicycles.
Nimbus Trials-green with KH street saddle, KH moments 125mm with KH rolo’s, Odyssey plastic orange pedals, maxxis tire. Only rode it 3 times. Like brand new!! Only ship/sell within USA please. $300.00
KH 24" Muni with Profile hub and cranks(170mm), magura brakes, KH rim, saddle, and red Premium BMX pedals with extra pins. Excellent condition except for the brake level is cracked where it is on under the saddle. Again, ship/sell in USA. $450.00
Also, i have 2 brand new DH Intense 24"x3" Muni tires. I will take $50 for both.
Any questions please pm me at and i will send some pictures so we can make a deal.

interested. is this still for sale?

yes, the nimbus is…


Hurray! Pics por favor and more info on the nimbus. Its isis right?
(Got an aim?)