new nimbus trial

The answer to why it isnt sold out is simple…evry one has hyped profiles and the New KH stuff so much that everyone thinks it the greatest think since sliced bread.

Ive done multiple 4-5 ft drops pn my Gen 1 KH setupAnd the worst that happend was one of the pinch bolts came a little loose but some loctite cleared that right up. And im by no means a little guy(230lbs)

Yeah, the oler model is very very VERY strong, and will hold up for ages, and the pinch bolt is just a great design, its the same as on the Torker DX cranks, and I think it makes the maintenance a lot easier.

Of course…My cranks slide on and off like budda’. But i can also wrench em on real good and have em be solid as rocks.

It is a great unicycle, but I, by no means, think it is better than the new KH. The new KH is lighter, stronger and a very good unicycle. KH wouldnt bring out a weaker unicycle. But, I do also agree that the Nimbus Hoppely is a VERY nice uncycle for the money.


Id rather get the hoppley then the KH

i got one nimbus hopley
and its amazing…
i cant say anything bad of it…

I just saw one for the first time at my lbs. It’s very impressive. It’s a little heavy, but thats just because I’ve been spoiled using the KH frame. the blue powdercoat is great, and the pedals are nice and grippy. It’s a steal at $350