new nimbus trial

what do you all think of that for the money???

I’l hopefully be getting that soonish :smiley: they just put the picture on like…yesterday :sunglasses:

gell saddle, splined hub and crankset…id say its worth it.

does annyone know how much it weighs cuz i might do some freestyle (i think) stuff on it and i read somewhere that its good for it to be light for freestyle…ing :smiley:

wow, all that for such a low price… impressive =p

It’s 10kg…which against all the other trials unis on udc is the heaviest. The qu-ax splined is a whole 2kg lighter at 8kg for the same price.

its a nice starter trials setup. would stand up to a fair amount of what most people give to it.
it has the '04 cranks with nubbies :wink: :slight_smile:

Acording to their descriptions the Qu-ax splined weighs 6.55kg (14 1/2 pounds) and the Nimbus Hoppley weighs 6.32kg (13.9 pounds). Where are you getting 10kg and 8kg from?

Do the 127mm cranks have the same nubs as the standard KH 04 cranks?


The 10kg confusion was something about the shipping weight and the actual weight.

I believe this post sums it up:

Geez, Steve, you’re out of it today

The 127mm cranks do have some nub, but nothing like as big as the 152 cranks. It is not an issue though because they have some Q-factor so they clear your ankle


I wonder if this will be available on the US site, I’m definitely interested in it.

i cant believe no1 else has picked it up but i reckon the clearance between the crown and wheel is HUGE, it looks like the frame is built for a bigger wheel :thinking:

but oh well thats what i believe, it still looks well nice and all but, clearance is huge

The clearance doesnt look any different from the Onza Trials and people seem to be fine with that.

its heaps dif from the kh clearance tho …

And the KH is heaps more expensive. :slight_smile:

I’m here in New Zealand and i really like the look of the hoppley. Unfortunately we never get the good stuff here. I hope they get them soon

Hello, We wont be getting hoppley… We do have the good stuff here.
Anyways, join us on the NZUni forums and I’ll show you the way to a “Hoppley”

i just ordered the hoppley from since it has a handbuilt wheel - kovachi - it’s going to take an additional 2-3 days for them to ship it to me. I can’t wait though. It’s such a good deal.

there is a guy that’s selling his 20" KH for $400. If I saw that a few days ago, i would have gone for that, and maybe udc wouldnt be out of stock…:smiley:

I would actually prefer the Nimbus hoppley over a new KH.

The frame on both unis are immensely strong, but Id rather have the design of a Nimbus II frame.

The older hub is also extremely strong, same with the qu-ax cranks, they are actually about the same strength as the profile hub\crank set, and easier to maintain. Ask Joe Hodges, he has gone through Profiles, and KH cranks, but the older KH hub and cranks, or the Qu-Ax cranks on there, he hasn’t broke.

The people with this uni, expect it to last a very long time, years with no problem, its one of the best set-ups you can get, and for the price it is at, I am surprised it isn’t sold out yet.