new nimbus/qu-ax trials unicycle!

TA-DA it looks wicked strong. anyone have anything to say 'bout them.

I’m not sure but the rim looks like the BX38 which isn’t uber strong, I prefer the new qu-ax rim, in the description it says Nimbus gel saddle but it doesn’t show on the picture, if it comes with gel than it’s ok. I wonder why they ‘upgraded’ it with the same quality frame though haha

one of my friends has that uni and its pretty killer.

i just realized that it is the same as the quax trials MDC edition!

That unicycle is basicly a Qu-Ax trials. I don’t know why they stuck the Nimbus frame/seatpost/seat on there, but the Qu-Ax frame is just as strong, if only slightly heavier.

It has the older model Qu-Ax rim, which is narrower, however I have ridden that rim hard for the past year and a half and it’s held up fine. The newer rims are stronger and much wider.

And it’s not new. They’ve had that combination of parts off and on for awhile now.

That chrome seatpost ruins the look that the qu-ax is known for.

It has 145mm cranks for christ sakes. If you plan on riding anywhere, don’t get it.

The 2003/2004 KH 140mm cranks are pretty long… and I found it way too slow while riding with those…

thats only cause u ride torker 125mm i dont find 140s are that bad… and i still think that kh 137mm are just a fashion/style thing, althought they are very nice cranks.

And i have ridden the qu-ax 145’s and i thought they were fine, didnt feel longer than my koxx 140s

If you want to ride fast don’t get a trials unicycle haha, I think the 145’s are pretty sweet for trials, if you’re riding street you can always order 127’s instead even though I’ve never had trouble with my 145’s… Just for the record, trials is hopping onto stuff, doing gaps and technical lines and skinnies right? Or have I confused distance and trials unicycling?