New Nimbus Oracle 26": Green forest

I recently bought a new Nimbus Oracle 26", so I thoght I’d make a video.

According to the add, the NO 26 comes with 165 cranks, but when I got it, it had 150’s on. I contacted UDC Sweden, and they immedately sent me a pair of 165 Moments (I’ve bought several uni’s there, and the service is absoluteley fantastic). The 150 cranks felt nice, but I lacked a little bit of torque on the climbs. The 165 cranks just felt to long for me, so I ended up buying some 160 Koxx cranks from UDC UK (excelent service there as well). 160 cranks are great for this uni, but maybe 155 or 157 would have been perfect.

The NO 26 is great, but I like the saddle on my old Oracle 24" better. The NO 26 saddle has nuts instead of allen bolts underneath - you can hurt your fingers and you have to carry more tools. The saddle handle is also too flexible. It looks cool though.

I have the Oracle 26". The seat lasted less than a year. I weigh 200 lbs, I pulled hard on the seat, and the unicycle was dropped a lot. The seat would have probably lasted longer if I had been more careful about tightening the bolts under the seat. I learned my lesson. Make sure you have a socket wrench for tightening the bolts.

I use 165mm Nimbus cranks on my 26" Oracle. The Nimbus cranks have sharp edges, and they are slowly tearing away at my 5-10s where they rub against the cranks. I would like to try KH cranks; the added q-factor might stop the wearing of the shoes.

My left leg rubs against the wide, Oracle frame. Not enough to cause any injury, but it’s got me wondering why and how my body is lopsided. I am curious how much narrower a KH frame is at it’s widest point. Again, maybe added q-factor of KH cranks will help me avoid this issue.

I started loving my Oracle 26" waaay more when I replaced the Duro stock tire with a lighter Maxxis Ardent. Also, when I replaced the seat, I added the KH bar, which has really changed my riding style.

Enjoy the Oracle 26"!

For me the rubbing is on the right side - it’s because I don’t always place my foot right when mounting

I like the Duro, but I am more a roller than a hopper

I am!

Glad you’re liking it, I have the same one! Mine also came with Nimbus Venture 165mm’s stock, but I found that they were too long to be comfortable for me. I switched to KH 127/150mm’s, and they’re perfect now. Don’t use the 127 setting much for muni, but 150 is usually all the torque I need.


I put lock washers under the nuts on my Nimbus Gel. The loosening and creeking almost completely whent away.

You could round the edges a bit w/ a file.

Maybee your seat is crooked? Once for around 2 weeks I was having a variety of problems w/ my uni then I realized the seat was like 3 or 4 degrees out of alighnment. I streightened the seat and all the problems went away. Now I’m more careful when I adjust the seat and check it regularly to see if it got tweeked in a UPD.