New Nimbus II frame much better than old one :)

Yesterday I had my first proper ride on my mostly-new muni and I’m really impressed. I really only bought the new frame because I wanted to use an ISIS hub and fancy trying brakes sometime, but didn’t really expect it to feel any different from my old Nimbus II frame.

My old frame was a 26" Nimbus II, the kind with plastic caps in the top of the fork legs, pressed bearing holders.
The new one is still a 26" Numbus II, but the new kind with 42mm machined bearing holders and brake mounts.

With my old frame the wheel would flex a noticeable amount sideways in the frame when I was honking up a particularly steep hill. With the new frame though, there’s very nearly no flex (I was going to say none, but I think I can just about see movement if I’m being really aggressive with it on a steep climb). The whole unicycle just feels much stiffer and more precise, especially on difficult rocky climbs - I made it to the top of one of my “personal Everests” yesterday for the first time ever, and it didn’t even seem that hard.

Of course I’ve got a new wheel as well, but it’s so similar to my old one that I’m sure it’s the frame that’s made the difference. If anything my old wheel was tighter than the new one because I’d tensioned all the spokes up trying to eliminate some of the flex I was getting.

So well done UDC - seems like it’s a much-improved frame :slight_smile:


it will be the lack of corks that’s doing it

I was very attached to that cork. I hope Liam’s looking after it well :stuck_out_tongue:
The new frame is very boring and generic looking at the moment.