new nimbus freestyle uni, any good?


the frame looks great, what does eveyrone else think?

and it comes in 200mm! I’ll fit on it :smiley:

hahaha your short. so am i:(

the frame looks really sexy.

i also like the look of the one with the suzue hub and miyata seat.

where does one get that frame, i’d love to spline it

i assume if it sells well then eventually udc australia will get it.

if you “splined it” would you use a bmx tire? i’m sure it wouldnt fit a trials tire.

I like it more when the crown of the frame ist not round because you have more place to put your feets on it. But I quit freestyle nearly complete two years ago, so no need to care ;).

The frame is VERY special. It has been designed with the help of TCUC. The frame is CrMo with zero overhang from the side tubing which is then tapered in to what was thought to optimum by their riders. The seatpost tube is also not like others in the Nimbus range, it is 22.2 so allowing the foot to get closer to the wheel when doing stand up. The frame has been constructed by a new method with an internal 120mm reinforcement tube interlocked with the crown so vastly improving it’s strength and durability. It also has machined bearing housings so this should move real nice!
We should get them up on the UK site soon in black or Chrome.


that sounds great. now that hard part, a freestyle uni or a muni:(

what is the benefit of this?

yeah id use a regular feestyle tyre though
like a hookworm

This is the upgrade I’ve been waiting for. I will buy this frame as soon as have it in stock.

I currently have the old Nimbus Longneck frame but I don’t lika it very much because of the small crown.

Is the crown on this frame larger?

I like the frame. That is pretty much the exact frame on my LX except that the seat tube isn’t so hi up. And it’s chrome.