New Nimbus BC Foot-Plates

These ones -
Has anyone tried them?
I heard the old ones would bend easily. What about these ones? The look much stronger, with the reinforcement and stuff. Are they worth the price? Don’t suggest getting Bedfords, I live in Europe.

Ooh, neat, I haven’t seen those before. It looks (in my not so expert opinion) like a much stronger design at the weld. They look pretty comfy, too! The sides probably won’t dig into your foot nearly as much as the flatter ones do.

I’d say they are probably worth the money, they aren’t very expensive. Unless you can find some really cheap ones somewhere, I say go for those ones.

Very cool. Someone buy them, thrash them, post if they held up.

I think I’ll get 'em. theyre pretty cheap, and unidennis can’t make me any.
think I should get them evan?

personally, I don’t relly like them, with the curved back and stuff. and, they’re not even a 1/4 inch thick or 7 inch long.

but they are cheap…

you’re kidding right?


6mm thick ~ .23 inches, which is not quite .25 inches.

170mm long reinforced footplates ~ 6.7 inches, not quite 7 inches.


White and nerdy :smiley:

I dislike chemists :angry:

Buy it and try it.
No other way to find out how it is.


Yeah, I probably will. Do you think I should get it with the bmx wheel or just the foot-plates and then find another wheel? Is it a good wheel?

I’ve got them on my Nimbus bc for half a year now,
but I liked the old ones better…
These weights a lot! With the old ones (not mine) I could jump around 45 cm,
but with these new I can only do some more than 30 cm. :o

But they’re realy strong. :wink:

But the old ones weren’t very strong, I hear.
I’m glad that these are strong.


Those angled backward sides are a smart idea. It will add a lot of strength to the plate.

The 3 holes is pointless though, since your foot is in direct alignment with the plate, if you were to raise those your foot would be pushed out because that bolt would then take its place. Not to mention a lot of foot pain and loss of hopping abbility.