New Nimbus 36 on the way!!

Learn to ride one-footed with your left leg, and make a conscious effort to pedal more with your left.

OK. It took nearly a month but it finally arrived. I checked the UPS tracking system yesterday early afternoon and it said that the new Nimbus 36 had been delivered at about 10:40 in the morning. Damn, it was hard to stay at work the rest of the day knowing that my new cycle was sitting on the front porch. Trouble is, this time of year I don’t have much time between getting home from work and having it get dark outside. I decided I could bail out of here just a little bit early without catching any flak for it.

Just a note on a minor disappointment with the ordering of this new uni. When, I called UDC to order it I specifically asked if it was in stock and ready to ship. I was told that it was so I was expecting it about a week. After it hadn’t showed up after a week and a half I sent an e-mail asking what was going on. I got a quick reply that they were backordered on the wheel. That being said, it’s the very first time ever that I had a minor glitch with UDC and I still think they give very good service and provide excellent products. I plan to continue to do business with them for a long time to come.

I got home and unpacked the unicycle and looked over the contents of the box pretty carefully. The frame and wheel were already assembled, pedals wrapped in a separate package and seat/seat post assembly also separately packaged. The frame quality appeared to be excellent. The welds looked good and the paint finish was nice and even. With the major components already assembled it only took a few minutes to get it together. Screw in the pedals and drop the seat post in and I’m ready to go. Oops! Seat was set too high. I dropped it down to where the seat post was JUST clearing the tire and it was still just a tiny bit too high. And I’m 6’1". No problem, I’ll just whack an inch or so off the bottom of the post. Fortunately, I’ve got a tube cutter in my tool box so I’m able to do a rather professional looking job of it. The tube cutter did leave a burr on the bottom of the tube so I go over to the grinder and smooth it down. Put the seatpost back in and check the adjustment. Perfect. OK, grab the helmet and the wrist guards and I’m ready for the first spin around the neighborhood. Not much time left before dark though. It was cold outside but I was too excited to go in and grab a coat. Long sleeve shirt will have to do.

I walked it out to the street and proceed to mount this imposing looking beast. Damn! This thing is HUGE. I’m very used to my 29er but thing looks and feels kinda imposing. I put the right pedal back at about the 7:00 position, put my foot on it and launch myself up. Ooomph. Not enough. Try it again. Still not enough. It took me about 6 tries to finally push myself far enough ahead to get rolling. After just a few pedal revs I realized just how smooth this thing rolls. And I realize the potential for speed. I definitely feel higher up. It feels like I’m really flying on this machine. WooHoo. This is fun. I got about a mile or so cruise in around the neighborhood with one little step-off UPD. This time the remount was easier. I think I’ll get the feel for this pretty quickly. Can’t wait for the weekend so I can log some miles. I think I’m gonna really like this one.

Next stop, Ride The Lobster?

What post do you have? I had to cut 8 inches off a KH post, and I’m 6’

The thing i love most abut this uni is the acceleration, if you’re just rolling at about 8mph you can really lean in to it, heave on the handles and spin up to 16mph odd very quickly. I ride with runners and it’s a great move when they’re getting a bit cocky thinking they can keep up with you. Sure I ca;t hold it for long but by then im several hundred yards ahead :).

Whoa. That Ride The Lobster ride sounds awesome. Being as it’s in 2008, I might have enough time to train for it. 800 km over 5 days. Wow! Let’s see now, I’ve gotta think in miles…that’d be…497 miled :astonished: :astonished: I’ve done a lot of century rides on my road bike but never 5 in a row. Oh, wait. I just read a little more. That’s why there are teams, so the distance can be divided up. So it’s more like an average of 33 miles (53 km) per day/rider. Hmmm. Sounds do-able.

Please note: The Airfoil rim with an engraved X is slightly smaller than the original Coker single-walled rim; it is not compatible with the Coker brand 36-inch tire. Only the Wheel TA 36-inch tire is compatible with this Airfoil rim.

I saw this under the new nimbus coker.

I’m confused, does this mean that they are selling flawed airfoil rims? My friend has an airfoil rim with a normal coker tire.


In my view, that is exactly what it means. Then again, I’m a known ranter on this subject, so my view is clearly biased.

The TA is a fine tire, so no complaints from that angle. I just think that the rim should be expected to hold both tires like all earlier versions of the rim do, and that UDC should have asserted itself to the nameless rim manufacturer and forced them to do the job right.

is it possible to get “normal” airfoil rims nowadays?

You might have to buy used. UDC has the airfoil rims made specifically for them, and if they don’t have non-defective rims, I think you’re out of luck.

The rims with the X are smaller than those without the X, and I think the only ones they have right now have the X. I guess you could call that flawed, but they do appear to work fine otherwise.

Wow. I didn’t realize this about the current crop of airfoil rims. I’ve managed to log a few more miles on the new cycle and I’ve got no complaints about the Wheel TA tire. But, it’s always nice to have choices. Sounds like I don’t have any at this point. Yesterday’s ride had me going through patchy snow/ice on the roads and everything felt pretty stable. One patch of hard packed ice was really slick and it felt a tiny bit squirrely but I never felt like I was going to UPD.

I uni’d over some ice and frozen sand the other day and was very impressed by the lack of slippiness of the TA tyre.