New Nimbus 36 on the way!!

Woo effin’ hoo! Yesterday I was just checking out the UDC US web site and saw that they have the Nimbus 36 Delux available now in the US. I thought about it overnight and just thought I’d call them today, half hoping that they wouldn’t actually have one in stock (add in shipping across the country and it ends up being way more money than I ought to spend). You guessed it. In stock and ready to ship. I’m afraid my wife will be less than impressed but, what the heck, you only live once. I’ve been riding my 29er a lot lately and had an opportunity to ride a Coker about a month ago. It was a little harder to mount than my 29er but once up there I felt like I was on top of the world. At that moment I knew one day that I’d have to have a 36 of my own. To save more money that I already don’t have, I’m having it shipped UPS ground so it’ll be a good week to a week and a half of torture waiting for it to show up. I’m like a kid at Christmas now. Actually, I’ll probably have to just call this one my Christmas present to myself.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I’ll update this thread with a ride report when it shows up.

Sweet. Mine is due to arrive tomorrow. :sunglasses:

I’ve upgraded my to the nimbus frame, it is nice. One feature, I hadn’t seemed mentioned is that overall the thinner tubing makes it thinner (I have not actually measured) then the old frame, less likely for your legs to rub. now has the T7 handle that matches the nimbus. I ordered one, I was surprised that it was so inexpensive at $65. Not that I throw around $65 (except on unicycles), just compared to other handles, there seems to be a lot more to the T7 than others. Jingle bells…

Well, mine is coming tommorrow too. But I didn’t get one of those nice nimbus ones, just the deluxe coker. I was too cheap and had to have it.
I will probably end up getting the T7 handle now instead of the GB4 handle.
I can’t wait either though.

I got the nimbus about two weeks ago, unfortunatly I’ve already managed to twist one of the cranks to the point that it feels very uncomfortable to ride so I’ve not been on it this week. The handle is marvellous, feels stiffer than a GB4 even with a carbon seat base. During development Roger commented that it would probably cost as much as a small unicycle, so seeing it at such a reasonable price was a nice surprise.

So, do you just ride real hard or do you feel that the cranks are a weak link for this machine?

I’m not much of a muni rider, when I do I use my 24DX. I plan to use this new one for commuting/distance.

They were extremley weak, apparently they were a bad batch and UDC UK are sending me new cranks to replace them. I bent them hopping on the spot at traffic lights. I’m sure this is just an isolated incident.

I have an inseam of 30". Is it even possible for me to ride a 36er? I’m 5’9".

Yes you can with some seat post cutting

I have a 31" floor to crotch inseam, and my shiny new Nimbus 36 has a couple inches of seatpost to spare with a KH rail adapter and 2007 KH freeride saddle.

Edit: I should add that I’m using 125mm cranks too.

I was going to say I’m 6ft tall and ive only got an inch of seat post spare, but im running 150mm cranks.

I have a 34.5 inseem, but I am going to have to cut my seatpost today.

So, I’m guessing yours came in? Have you ridden it yet? How do all the welds and stuff look? I’m so excited. I can’t wait.

Complete Report

OK - You have us waiting on a complete report. I want pics and everything - all the details. It should be an awesome ride! Since I can’t have one (yet) we are all living thru you.

LOL :smiley:

Sorry, no time to post. Too many unicycles to ride. :wink:

The only complaint I have is that the threaded holes for the bearing cups were gummed up with paint. It took much care to prevent cross threading them.

Otherwise, it’s AWESOME! :smiley:

I had the same problem with the brake mounts, had to work the bolt through a few times to clear it. The frame came attached to the wheel so I’ve never seen those threads.

Just rode my coker for the first time today, and it is awsome!!!
You need to get used to the fact that it has alot of momentum and you shouldn’t try to control it too much, but other than that it’s great!!

O, also I feel like I am using my right leg to peddle to much, is there any help for that?

The more used to that you are, the better it is. It stops being hard work pushing the big wheel around and feels like you’re floating on top giving it a little push to keep going. It’s awesome, and it’ll roll over anything once you’ve got the hang of it!

I noticed that also, that it feels like you are just floating, I love it, especially one I go for a long time not even really realizing that I’m on a unicycle, it feels like I’m floating!

amazing isnt it? i reeeaallly want that handle, but i am also saving up for a car… but christmas is only a monthe away!!! HUZZAH FOR SANTA