New nimbus 36 arrived BUT

After a long wait for my new Nimbus Pro 36 its finally here.


One of the two seat post bolts is stripped !!!

Now I need a new seat post clamp.


i presume you got it from udc, phone or email them and tell them, they might just send you a new bolt or clamp

Upgrade to the Viking post clamp, $12.00, udc. You’ll be glad you did. It’s super strong. With all the adjustments with my new 36 I was tightening and loosening a lot. :slight_smile:

Scott methinks he may have presumed that :roll_eyes: lol.

Do you not have any spares from old unicycles?

It’s not always worth it because it depends on the cost of replacement parts, but adding heli-coils to your bag of tricks is well worth it.

NO way :astonished: !!! I just had the same exact problem on an order recently. I ordered a nimbus 25.4 double bolt clamp and one of the bolts was stripped. Maybe it was a defective batch:( ? I emailed them and they sent me a new one which works fine.

Went riding in snow storm

WTF, with one of the two bolt stripped in the seat clamp and a snow/wet rain storm I took my new nimbus 36 pro for a ride.

The roads and side walks are covered in partial froozen ice patches and snow. Very rough and uneven surfaces. Since this was my first ever experience on a 36" I thought it would be a challenge.

All winter I’ve been practicing my freemounting and idling on my 29". Got that down to 100% freemount and idling. After 4 attempts I could freemount on a slight incline in the snow/wet stuff.

I haven’t mounted my T7 bar so for the whole ride my hand remaining on the seat handle for riding through the snow and icy terrain. Man the 36" wheel just rolls over the uneven surfaces without blinking an eye. Even better than my 29". The new tire gripped well in the snow and ice. I rode on some pretty icy surfaces even some inclines but no problems.

In the end I was freemounting 50% of the time, snow and ice and uneven surfaces made the task even harder.

Only managed to ride 2kms, then had to go to my hockey game.

Next steps for me is to mount my T7, computer, replace seat post clamp.

Oh yeah, the 36" is AMAZING, my 29" looks small in comparism

Hope to try it out for some serious speed soon.

Congrats on your new unicycle. It is funny how people can tell you how big a 29" is and then when you get a 36" it makes the 29" look and feel like a small toy.