New Nimbus 24-inch Muni Custom, With Kookas!

That’s So sweet… I may need to get one :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Funny how its not mentioned on the ‘‘Whats New’’ page…

With a splined hub you can…

Wow, you know, usually I think there is a market for UDC’s contraptions, but this thing is just beastly ugly! What a horrid idea in general! They could be making way more money off of those kookas if they were selling them on their own, same with the hub. They also wouldn’t be selling a useless muni like they are for way more than it is worth.

oh daym. Thems some real strong construction right there.

If anybody gets this they are retarded. You could get, for about the same price, I think less the Nimbus isis trials and 24in both with kh cranks.

bahahahaha, ohhhhh, hahahaha, ow, please. make it stop, bahahahha.

did you SEE the clearence! i know they’re trying to push old stock, but damn. They need to try a little harder.

cool colours i suppose…

UCD is the only place that raises the price on old stock, I mean WTF.