New Nightfox

Got a new Nightfox yesterday and wasn’t even the first to ride it! What a bummer!

Brill :slight_smile:

He’s a natural!:slight_smile:

Might need to get the adult holding you up to lower the forks a bit so you can reach, perhaps some shorter cranks :wink:

yes, that old guy holding will not leave me alone!

Great picture! Looking forward to reports from your rides on it.

Eddie, I was through your town last week. Next time i will PM you before I go by. Maybe we can ride! I live on the coast so if you come this way…
I went on first “one miler” today just to break it in. When I went to turn, the force of the rotation of the pedals were more than I expected and the uni shot right out from under me. Landed on my feet but the uni bumped down the road a bit. The back of the seat got scratched but I don’t mind as long as I am the one who puts the scratches in it! :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the first ride, and on getting the first scratches on your saddle bumper. They’re supposed to be there!

It seems like there are a fair number of unicyclists in North Carolina, but distributed around so evenly that it we hardly ever see each other. :frowning: I’ll look forward to meeting and riding with you whenever and wherever that works out. I probably should be at the coast too, looking at the weather we’re getting here this weekend.

Enjoy, and stay safe!