New Municycle: Advice Wanted!

Hey guys, so i know this question has probably been done to death, but i’m going to ask anyway, because i am apparently incapable of making important life choices by myself.

What size unicycle do you prefer for Muni riding, 24" or 26"? Basically all i have ever ridden is a 20", so i have no idea how much of an effect these bigger sizes have. I’ve just recently gotten into Muni riding and absolutely love it, however where i ride, i have to ride about 1km before i get to any of the cool technical stuff, which quite frankly sucks on a 20". So i am looking for something with a bit more speed, but i still want to be able to tackle some of the more technical tracks.

So my main question is, how much of a increase in speed do you get, moving from a 20" to a 24"? Is it quite a noticeable? Or on the other hand does a 26" still give you enough control for more difficult terrain?


Hey fellow Taswegian!!!

Having done 200km or there abouts of Muni at a Mtb event over 4 days in the last couple months here go a 26er definitely. If your tall or just riding fast single tracks maybe even 29. Depends on your technically difficulty of your main trails but 24 will be all but too slow unless your only going down Tolosa’s downhill runs nothing more…

Once you get a rig and ready let me know and i will bring my guni down, i always wanted to take it around the Mountain there! Great uniing area there. fast trails, mostly down hill, drops and tree scaling. Cant wait. Basically no one else does muni in Tas far as i can tell… Just Us and Jamie from the USA who did the event with me. Hes experienced enough and said he would have been perhaps faster over those 4 days on a 29er Muni. Hes a great Muni ledgend in my books. Watch out for him at Moab Unifest people

Even if you like to try out my 26er for an afternoon before you choose and order one let me know also and we can meet in Launceston where i am or down your way whichever we can work out?

I have a 36er i love taking offroad too. Dont limit your options too much

I think 26 is a great size for Muni, the transition from 20 to 24 or 26 will be very similar and not a problem. The more technical the terrain, the better the 24 will be vs. the 26. Most people don’t ride that technical of terrain to justify a 24 over a 26. Get the 26!

I went from a 20" to a 26" muni and the transition was surprisingly easy. I dislike riding a 20" now. It’s so slow. I only use my 20" to practice new things. From what I’ve heard, a 26 with a fat tire is a lot like ridinh a 24". I think a 24" is good for super technical muni, and a 26" allows for a bit more versatility (e.g., distance, XC, single track). I’ve never ridden a 24" though. So I can only recommend a 26".

EDIT: you also have more tire choices with the 26".

I cant find the image on the forum but it was of a
24" duro tyre next to a
26" 2.7 wide tyre next to a
29er 2.3" tyre.

There is very little between a wide 24 and a moderate 26 height wise. if that makes sense…

as for muni control dont be turned off by wheel size. control will also come with practise not just a smaller wheel. people can handle a 36er offroad and take 29er’s down almost anything with experience under their belts!

bigger wheels are alot of fun. not always as practical but still fun and plenty doable on most terrains

What!? Another Tasmanian! That’s insane, i’m not alone after all :smiley: Although i reckon i’ll have to get some more experience before we meet up for a ride, only just got into Muni about 2 weeks ago.

Thanks for the advice guys, i was already leaning slightly towards the 26" and you’ve helped put my mind at ease. I’m sure i’ll eventually get a 24" to add to my collection anyway :wink:

So i’m probably looking at getting one of these Nimbus 26" Muni as i’m not quite ready to fork out the cash for a more expensive one, and I’m thinking a brake is not really necessary at the moment. Plus i already have a Nimbus 20" Trials which i am more than happy with.

Actually there’s a question for you Darren, where do you get your Uni gear from?


Greetings Chrisli

I too am new at muni riding in the last couple months. I started on a 20" basic uni, then got a 26" muni. I also barely ride the 20" now because the 26" is so fun. The first thing I noticed in the transition is how fast I can go on the 26". It takes a bit more work to get the bigger wheel rolling, but I have found it easier to balance on and ride. I purchased my 26" Nimbus Muni from They’ve been great about answering my questions and helping me get going. You missed their red sale in February, so watch them for other sales perhaps. Have fun and hang on!

That’s exactly what i wanted to hear, speed is my main goal, i just wasn’t sure how much of an increase i’d get with a 26". Am ordering one tonight, can’t wait to give it a go :smiley: Although i reckon i’ll still be using the 20" a fair bit to, because i’m into flatland and street as well.

Pete at where your probably getting the nimbus are the guys to shop with without a doubt. Couple other places have unis but I got most mine from Pete for many reasons

Don’t delay our meet to far it’s getting wet and cold soon and beside as you improve your muni riding so do everyone else so there is never not a good time to ride with others. Flip side I totally am incompetent with flatland… :stuck_out_tongue:

Brake less will be fine for as long as you don’t feel you need one but a total luxury for long steep declines.

Hope to catch up soon
Oh and flatten your saddles! For anyone that hasn’t. Once you go flat you’ll never go back. Unless you don’t like comfort…

Yeah that’s true. Should be getting my new 26" any day now, so give me a couple of weeks to get used to it and then we’ll see if we can organise a meet :wink:

Actually i have been wondering about what kind of saddle would be best and most comfortable. What kind of saddle do you guys prefer for Muni riding?

Any flattened saddle!
I find kh street saddles now best for me but it’s personal preference with saddles. Kh have draw string covers and the better materia. I am using custom made aluminium flat saddle frames but the heat gun works with standard plastic ones with a little work. Be interesting if Kris’s next updates have flat saddles available soon??
If your used to riding traditional bent saddles they will take a little to get used to but you will be rewarded for your efforts going flat. I can stress how much better I and many others believe they are
Look forward to catching up soon,
Enjoy your new muni!!!

So just for the benefit of other people who have yet to try riding anything but a 20", GET YOURSELF A 26"! Its so much fun.
it also didn’t take any practice to get used to, my first free mount i was up and away. Man its a beast though! Way bigger than i thought it would be.

I do however have a question, what crank sizes do you guys use? My new 26" came with 165s which feel really long to me, probably because I’m used to the 138s on my 20". I’m guessing putting my 138s would be suicide?

For muni, 138mm might be on the too side if it’s hilly. On my 24", I love the 125mm for non-hilly off-road riding. I use the 137mm when it’s hilly. My 29" has the 150mm which I find good for off-road (and I’m no expert really). But 165mm feels too long to me, the circle you have to travel becomes too big to be confortable on long distance.

I’m in the same situation here. I’m thinking of going the 26 Nimbus Oracle instead of a 24. You mentioned it was a beast. Is it a lot more scary for UPD? Is it much harder to get the wheel rolling and to control the direction?

I love the 26" size and couldn’t imagine riding anywhere of consequence on a 24".
I have the double hole 165-137’s and exclusively run 137’s on the 26". Brakes help with the downhills. I have an Ardent 2.6" tire, so it’s not as big as the 3" but still eats up the bumps and bounces on the hops.

go with a 26" you get more speed and its easier to ride over small bumps and sticks and roots. There is a little less control but you wont notice it once you get used to it.

When i first took the wheel out of the box, i was completely blown away by the size of it. But now that i’ve been riding it for a couple of weeks, it doesn’t seem so big anymore. Although to put things in perspective, i am 6’4", so that might make a difference.

It definitely was a lot more scary when i first got up on it, transitioning up from a 20", but it’s not too bad now. I think it’s not the size of the wheel, but more the increase in speed that makes it scarier.

I don’t have too much trouble controlling it, although i need to work turning a bit more, i’m having trouble with sharp corners. If given the choice again, i would definitely go for the 26" again, i don’t regret it at all.

Yeah, I’ve gone for the 137 cranks and loving them. Although I’ve since installed a brake, just a v-brake i stole from a bike, because any decent downhill was just too crazy. I’m on the 3" tire at the moment, and I’m still constantly surprised by ho much you can just roll over stuff

Reminds me of unpacking my 26" two years ago, and my 36" about half a year ago.

Have fun riding your new uni and don’t forget to start saving money for the next one.



…And then the 36", more money well spent!

I can only ride one at a time but alternate now & then.