new muni

Hier een photo van mijn plinterniewe muni

Ik zal deze gebruiken volgende maand op de California muni weekend!


Hans gotta new MUNi, Hans gotta new MUNi, yeahhhhhh!!!

Very Nyce!!!.

Is that an endomorph rim?

I was thinking, "This Dutch guy posted to the wrong forum, then I figured it out.


Hey Rod

It’s a Large Marge rim


that is a cool saddle, nice uni

i think thats the most amazeing muni i ever saw. can we have some more info on the seat

that’s so cool. how do you like the road relief saddle for muni?

it looks like you have some crazy long cranks on that though :astonished:

I hope to see it at CMW!

The saddle is by the “Scott Wallis”
It’s a air foam saddle versus air tube saddle
I like it so far, much firmer then the tube

The cranks are 175mm


:astonished: How much did it cost?!!


Welcome to the LM club.

PS - it’s too shiny.

It’s a beautiful thing, Hans. Guess we’ll see how you like it on Sunday.

That rig is quickly becoming the favored rig at Santra Barbara: KH alum. frame; Profile cranks, Large Marge rim; Wallis seat. Can’t beat it.


That is amazing. I hope to spend that much on a uni some day.

I don’t even want to add it up

It’s well over a thousand buckos

I got all the parts from different people and had the wheel built locally and then I put it together, it took about 4 months

I’ll post another pic in a few months


You got a top-o-the-line Muni there… “well over $1000” is nothing!

Bikers spend $5K to $10K on a competitive rig.

Sweet ride, dude.

I was wondering, what’s the point of having sush long cranks on a muni with a brake? it seems like you have tons of stopping power becuase of the brake, but more pedal strikes becuase of the long cranks. are they for hill climbing?

that is so cool though. it’s a 24" I take it?

so true, there is no contest against profile/surly wheel, then havng the lightest frame available. all other pieces (seat, pedals, tire) are rider preferance.

nice muni hans! now go get it dirty.

mmmmmmmmmmmm pretty


sweeeeet muni!

what are the advantages of the LM rim? as in, how does the super wide rim effect uni performance?

well, for one thing, it makes it stronger.

awesome muni!! me want one too.

If you notice, the MUni stands upright with no obvious means of support. Yeah, the left pedal is touching a rock, but that wouldn’t be enough to maintain the upright stance.

I hear that the Santa Barbara Crew is testing an automatic leveling mechanism that will allow MUni riders the ability to stay upright over all types of terrain no matter how steep or treacherous. This, I think is the real secret behind their ever increasing ability to ride over, under, through, and down all types of terrain.

Obviously, this is a testing model using such experimental technology. :roll_eyes: