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Hey Everybody, My name is Collin im new here, and i hope i can get some help here:) Right now i have a Torker unistar which is alright, but i am getting more into the trials stuff. And i was wonder what you guys thought a good Uni for me would be. I have looked around at some other posts on this forum and read quite a bit about…darnit i just forgot its name…the Onza maybe…yea i think that was it…Would you recommend that? Thanks


I have an Onza hub and crank set on my trials uni which holds up well and is relativley light considering it’s a splined hub. I think the full Onza uni would be lighter than mine as the frame and seatpost are lighter so I would say its a safe bet!

I guess it A) depends on how much you are willing to spend and B) how seriously you think you will take it- are you just wanting to try out muni and trials or get really into it. Other options are the Nimbus Trials and Munis from which can be easily upgraded, which is what I did as I didn’t know if I’d like trials and muni.

Hope this has helped a little bit!

Hey thanks…i guess im willing to pay up to about 500-700 dollars. I am planning on getting pretty into the trials and stuff. I have been doing all i can with my toker but i have a feeling im gunna bust it one of these days when im jumping off a wall or somethin…so i think im going to go with the Onza…The KH MUni on looked pretty nice i may get one of those…but then again I may just build my own…I dunno, but thanks for your help.

You say trials, but you shop for munis. Which is it? A trials uni will be better in for urban use, and pure trials, but if all you’re doing is jumping off stuff, a good muni would do you fine. So which is it?

Sorry, i am kinda new to this. But could you explain to me what the difference of a MUni and a Trials is? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but i will be sticking with riding stairs, rails, jumping, stuff like that. Why Wouldnt a MUni be good for that? Thanks again


Welcome Collin! The type of riding you describe is Trials. Muni is “Mountain Unicycle”, so it is mostly trails, with hopping up, down and across stuff on and along the trail.

Obviously, trials skill are helpful on trails. Most trials unicycles have 20" wheels, and most Muni’s have 24" wheels, but that is not a hard and fast rule.

Have a great time on this forum and let us know what you decide to do. Hope I’ve been helpful. --chirokid–

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Welcome Collin, and Happy Birthday.

Welcome Collin,
Getting back to your question, I think the KH24 is a great uni for Muni and it’s strong enough for trials. It’s also the best for the price IMHO. Here’s a link to it:

Unfortunately, it’s out of stock until march. There are several other options…

Personally, I wouldn’t go any higher then the $450 to get the KH, but that might be because I don’t have any more money.

If you are looking at the extreme low end, I think the Nimbus and Torker are good choices. The Torker doesn’t accept a wide tire so don’t expect to do anything too technical with it.



You came to the right place for advice. There are loads of great minds to tap here.


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but back to the original topic. You guys have been alot of help. chirokid thanks for explaining that to me. So a question…I will probably not be doing alot of long distance riding in the mountains or off road. I want a 20 inch wheel, but i would be fine with a KH24. So i guess i will wait untill march untill that is back in stock, its not that far off. And from what i have heard its a pretty good ride. Untill then i will look around some more. Thanks for all your help everyone.


Just to beat a dead horse…

If you aren’t planning on doing much off-road or distance stuff, I’d definitely go with a 20" uni. They are much lighter and stronger than a 24" and are easier to maneuver in very exacting locations, like what you might encounter in a trials situation. The main advantage to a 24 or 26" uni is that they have the ability to roll over almost anything and can travel farther distances. You won’t need to worry about that while doing trials.

alrighty, thanks paco. Thats the response i was hoping to see.


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That’s cool. I don’t do it for money (yet)… :wink: just for fun.