I am thinking about upgrading my KH24 2004 MUNI. I am not sure about 24" vs 26" and other sizes. I also want to be able to upgrade to KH/Schlumpf later on. My question is, is there any negative points with going for a 26" or even 29" frame for more versatility (change wheels to get different setups) and use it for MUNI with a 24" wheel? Is the KH29 or KH26 frames less strong than the KH24 frames? (I do not do very extreme MUNI)

I see that there is a small weight difference, but that is ok if it is small enough.


Brake mounts would be an issue.
Not sure about anything else.

Good point, I did not think about that. The frame should have multiple brake mounts then :slight_smile:

The only frame with multiple brake mounts right now… I think… is the Triton Titanium frame. Even though it has multiple mounts, the mounts are set for the Surly Large Marge Rim at the 26" and possibly the 24" set-up and a regular sized 29" rim (KH I 38mm I think… anyone know if the newer, slightly wider freeride 29" rim works?

It was more of a joke. I guess I would have to settle with only having brakes on one of the setups. Then I would have to have the brakes for the wheel size the frame was made for.

With talk of a bolt on disc brake set-up; it is plausible that one could have a few different wheelsets and swap them out as long as the sets had cranks with rotors attached to them…

I am VERY intrigued and if can come up with a system to bolt onto the Triton frame, I may use it for both my 26" surly wheel with Larry tire and 29" geared set-up :slight_smile:

Disk brakes would solve the multiple brake mounts for multiple wheel size problem but they are not yet commercially available.

The taller frames have slightly more flex so if you are running a Gazz or an extra wide rim you may get some tire rub when really cranking the pedals.

I have a KH29 frame with a second set of brake mounts for a 26" wheel. Unfortunately my current 26" setup is a tad to wide and doesn’t fit.

Other than the fact that it is more work there is no reason why you could not put a third set of brake mounts for a 24" wheel under the 29" mounts.

worked for the triton frame : )