New muni wheel ideas needed.

Im probably getting a completely new wheel built Upgrading from a 06 Torker one because I cant do anything with it.

Im trying to keep it UNDER 230$ or so.

Right now, Im thinking about,

Nimbus 24-inch Muni Rim
Velox Rim Tape
USA 14g - silver spokes
Chrome nipples
09 KH hub
150mm moment cranks.

Of course, getting it laced by UDC…

The total of this Mix is going to be $239.35 US! holy smackaroon.

My Dillema now is, Instead of spending all of that, I might just get a new rim and hubset.

My questions are, How strong is the Airfoil rim on UDC? Is it worth the money?

No, Im not getting a drilled rim unless its free.

The Torker dx has 21x40 mm bearings. The ISIS 22x42 bearings will not fit in a Torker frame. Maybe better to sell your Torker, and buy a whole new uni. That would be a lot cheaper then turning a Torker into a KH one part at a time.

And for Whom Ask Questions like the two above.

My set up is currently,

KH freeride seat
Try-all re-inforced post
08 KH frame
Wellgo B-37 Pedals
Intence DH tire.

And the 08KH hub will be fine.

I will probably E-mail Pete, But There is no Build selection on his website, Until I do so, I will be going through UDC…

on orders over 350$, but thanks, for once.

Word on the Airfoil rim anyone?

Bugger off mate. I dont care… Word on the Airfoil rim anyone?

Here is what I reccomend. Build the wheel yourself. It isn’t that hard and it saves money, just look it up. Use a nimbus hub, regular spokes, KH 08 24" rim, KH rim strip and either 150mm moments or your could try some new venture cranks. Dont worry about the 08 rim. It’s drilled but the remixed design is way stronger. i have one and it’s fine. Alltogether it would be $203 or $225 with moments.

Im sorry Jeremy. But you just pop in at the randomest moments. you tell me Info I allready know, THanks but no thanks.

Nimbus rims are the old kh’s. That should be strong enough.

Just my 2cents.

06 to be precise…

If you want a strong setup, go for a Nimbus ISIS hub, Nimbus 24" muni rim and 150mm Moments.
If you want a light setup (yet strong enough), go with the KH 09 rim instead of the Nimbus rim

Buy the hub, rim and cranks, then get Phat Moose to do the build. It will be just about 230.

Then you are also keeping all your money in Canada, don’t have to pay taxes, border fees, and as much on shipping.

It is way cheaper to buy from UDCa.