New Muni w/Thudbuster!

Hi everybody,

I put together my new Muni a couple days ago, a 24x3 with one of my own
frames and a Thudbuster post with reversed arms. More info at

This is the first 24x3 I have owned, and I really like it! It turns (and
especially 180s) a lot easier than my 26x3. I’m still getting used to the
shorter distance per revolution when approaching obstacles, but it’s nice
that the power position happens more frequently. It also feels much safer
and comfortable riding inside of buildings. I don’t know if it’s being
lower to the ground or going slightly slower, but it’s a pleasant change
that I didn’t expect.

As for the suspension post, the Thudbuster uses pressed in pins that are
knurled on one end. So I did have to press two of the pins out in again in
order to reverse the arms, then pressed them back in. With arms reversed,
it seems very effective as a shock absorber. It’s the first suspension one
I’ve had, so I’m not an expert. But it’s a nice feeling to ride along and
think “Is my tire getting fatter? I know I should be feeling these bumps
more than this.”