New Muni Vid w/newcomer Devin

Devin, known as “revolution” here in forums, joined me Sunday, 10/29/06, for a muni adventure at “Stair-stepper!” Heretofore Devin had only ridden his local dirt trails for maybe 30 minutes duration, with nothing technical…but today he made a QUANTUM LEAP in Muni experience with the grueling “Stair Stepper!” They should call it “Stair Steeper!” because it’s just about straight DOWN, and 100% ledgy, undulating, trecherous ROCK! This is prolly why we didn’t see ANY mtb’rs on this trail! It’s just crazy technical!

Due to another videocam malfunction, this vid is short at only about 2 minutes but it has the best “Uni-UPD” I’ve ever seen…or at least captured on video!

Again, this was Devin’s first time at “real” muni (nearly three hours on the trail!) and he did great, especially given the fact that this particular trail is extremely advanced!

The actual stair stepper section starts at about 1 minute into the vid, and we only did the "easier parts!:stuck_out_tongue:

I would give good money to see even Kris Holm clean it all! You would really have to see it in person to appreciate its unbelievable difficulty. :smiley:


why does everyone in the OC has 07 KH’s?

Just to make you mad! Haha!:D;)

For those who prefer it, and may want faster viewing: Here’s the Youtube link:

yay, i cant watch gallery vids on my mac for some reason…

Looked like fun, sorry I missed it. Should be back in action next weekend.

Oh, and I really liked the music!!

Was fun, even though I was still a bit sick! Devin over extended his ankle on a drop, just like you did, and I have done many, many times! Lucky for him it wasn’t too serious of a sprain.


I write because I was disappointed with the UPD on your film. Don’t take this personal, it’s just the words of a caffinated, crazed young man hell-bent on world uni-domination.

You are still young in unicycling years so I understand your definition of “best” is still in its formative stages. The riding in your videos is still slow and measured. You and your fellow riders tend to lean back and as we see in your videos, you fall backwards. In time you will be riding at the edge of control, leaning as far forward as physics will allow, pedaling faster than your good senses would tell you to pedal. Only in this time, you will begin to experience “good,” “better” and “best” UPDs.

A proper “best-of” UPD should involve a forward fall. In fact, the fall should be preceeded by a period of uncontrolled feet-out coasting. The forward fall should propel the rider towards some dangerous terrain, usually steep, preferably dead vertical. The fall should result in at least one somersault, at least one bruise or scrape, and one piece of protective gear or clothing should come flying off in the process. The unicycle should bounce no less than three feet into the air, and it should continue to roll for a distance of no less than 30 yards down the trail. The unicycle should come to rest in a patch of poison oak, poison ivy, thistle, bramble, cactus or another dangerous plant. All said and done, the ensuing cloud of dust shall not be settled until one minute after the initial stages of the UPD.

That, my friend, is a proper “best-of” UPD. Sadly, your friend merely bumped his hiney on a rock. I’ve taken worse falls walking on level ground. Yes, your film does caputre a precious UPD, but it should be reserved for the post-credits-bails section of your video, IMHO.

I would be more than happy to demonstrate world-class UPDs for you… unfortunately I do not have access to a video camera. I hope to see you at the LA muni weekend, if not just to shake your hand after scraping myself off the trails.



I just watched it again, mainly to hear the song and I noticed: Not a single “niiiice!”:smiley:

Sorry, but that was a bit harsh. Your description of a “best of” UPD could be completely different than mine or my friends or anyone else. Mine might include someone cracking their skull (not that it does), and my friends might include someone being thrown 10 feet into the air.Maybe this was Terry’s, watching his friends uni flying down the trail. And id say that if you have taken worse falls walking on level ground, then I think you need to go back to being 1 and refine your walking skills.

You completely MISSED the point and apparently misread the “tag” which preceded the clip in question. It was a “UNI-UPD”!!! NOT a UPD!
That means wew were having FUN with showing the actual UNI…Not the Uni-CYLIST crashing down end over end.

You completely MISSED the point and apparently misread the “tag” which preceded the clip in question. It was a “UNI-UPD”!!! NOT a UPD!
That means we were simply having FUN with showing the actual UNI…Not the Uni-CYLIST… crashing down end over end.:smiley:

Yep, I heard the criticizm, and I listened!:D:) :sunglasses: :roll_eyes: (I happen to have agreed…too many “niiiice’s”)

I appreciate your support, although I think Maestro had his toungue planted firmly in cheek for at least a good part of his response. I did explain to him that it was a UNICYCLE UPD that I showed, NOT a standard UPD, which he thought I meant. Plus, he referred to me as being “young in unicycle years”…That’s kinda true since I’ve been doing muni since about 3/06, after about a 35 year layoff from just basic riding around on a schwinn!

Thanks for the great hike Terry, I mean ride…

The last shot in that vid is where I busted my left ankle. I was limping all day yesterday and still today, but it will blow over soon for some more muni this weekend.

Good video.
I always like your videos. I think its because theres so many upd’s

Yeah…haha! I don’t consider it a good muni ride without 'em! The next vid will have some really good ones because I plan on riding much more aggressively from now on!:smiley: Plus,I think that since most of us are not pros, or ride like KH, my videos show stuff that is doable by the average muni-er!:slight_smile:

tongue still in cheek


Despite the fact that a properly trained uni will not dismount it’s master even in times of duress, it should run like h-e-double-hockey-sticks should it ever happen… During our last ride in Berkeley, Mr. LaBonte showed me some scars on a tree from when his unicycle tried to climb to safety after being hucked down a steep rocky passage. In your video I just see the uni do a couple somersaults and play dead. This uni must be traded in at once; it hasn’t much life in it and won’t provide a satisfactory ride.

Don’t rush back into the saddle! Your ankle will remain weak for longer than you think; riding immediately after injury is inviting an even worse re-injury. Take care of them ankles!

I’ve had a better UNI-UPD. I was doing onefoot on flat ground and the rolled out. The uni did a few flips and rolls then stood up on the tire/pedal and stayed there.

I could clear that, just fly me out to California!