New Muni Vid 6/17/06 **smaller File!**

Sorry to re-post about this vid, but the original size of 85+mb was just too big for dial-up and would take forever to DL, so here is the same vid, but FIFTY MEGS smaller! (and the quality isn’t too bad:) )

Ah…it’s nice to see u (or who ever it is operating the Camera) encouraging the youngins.

The only thing i have to say is that one kid who climbed up the fence has too tight of pants on. All in All nice!

Yeah, some were wearing jeans and the wrong type clothing for the ride, not to mention some didn’t even have helmets! :astonished:

that ride was fun but i left to early to see tim jugle torches

that was a good vid

What’s a helmet? Isn’t that used by girls to keep their hair out of the eyes/face?

If that is what a helmet is for, then I gotta get one fast!!!

unless you have a hat or a bandana or something of the sort. i think a helmet is used when the hat/bandana/whatever wont stay on?

Ahh, that makes sense, luckily for me, ill just pull my hair back into a pony tail, that way I wont need a helmet. lol

nice man thats sweet to see how ur pushing so many kids to ride.

what, you say terry was pushing the kids to ride?

no, no - the kids kept saying “lets do some more!” even when it started getting dark, they all wanted to keep going!

I wanted to keep riding too! But it was getting dark, and the kids wanted to have enough light left to try flying my electric RC plane…which they did! Those terrific kids were UNSTOPPABLE in their stamina and enthusiasm! I’m telling you it was so fantastic watching their new acquired muni skills take form! That’s the great thing about being young-you learn FAST! :smiley: