New MUni tire?

I found this on UDC. it looks like a nice grippy tire. anyone tried it?


Yep i have . it’s in my oppinion the best tire for free riding and structure riding. i have tried using IRC prime wide 2 (now known as primebite 2 or something) which was a nice tire. but i now ride the duro leopard… due to clarence issues of all the rest 3" wide tires in my frame (DM ATU with a 24" wheel set and Sun double wide rim). But i have to say that Kujo’s are by far my fav tire due to the fact they roll super nice and stick to everything . which is nice when you are riding small skinnies high in the air as you have to roll slow and i find it’s easier on a kujo then most other tires. of course it’s not a huge problem but i find it’s enough to make me feel more confident on a kujo!
addtionally it’s also it’s great for street as it doesn’t seem to wear out as much. if you want a street/muni tire i would sugest this one FOR SURE!
bry “street’s what i do when i can’t find trials”

I’ve tried it on my muni before, I had borrowed it from a mtn biker friend. It rolls surprisingly smoothly on the pavement and is a great tire. The pinch resistant foam built into the side walls means you can run super low pressures.

I suppose leopards and cross-eyed lions might not get on :wink:

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it’s a semi off road tire, had similar on mountain bikes b4 now, it’s a compromise between road and off road.

What’s new about it?

I ride on the Duro Leopard 24x3. Does that Kujo grip and roll over rocks and logs as well, or better than the Duro?