New muni rider here, pictures

Hey guys, I just joined the site and thought I’d introduce myself here. Hopefully I’m doing it in the right place!

Any how, I’ve been and avid muni rider ever since I was eight years old starting off with my little 20" beginner unicycle that I put a knobie on. Over the years, I have felt that I have gottan pretty good at trail riding around my area. Just up the street there are endless trails of riding!:smiley:

Right now, I’ve got three unicycles. My old begginer 20" which I never ride any more, a 26" cheapy Sun unicycle with a Torker LX air seat that I bought so I could go touring with. It’s nothing fancy by any means, but works all right for what I do. Now with my baby, a custom built KH 24" with a Magura hydralic brake. I plan to get a stronger hub for it, but I’m not real big on going off jumps so I’ve never really had any problem for it. A KH fusion air seat is on the list too.

Any how, thought I’d show her off if you all are interested!:slight_smile:

wow, your steel frame is in immaculate condition! As far as stronger hubs I’d recommend the new KH '07 moment hub and cranks.

Yeah that’s unusual to see a KH MUni with square taper hubs! I’d also spring for the moment hub/crank set. Not sure though if the bearing holders will fit but it should.

get the kh freeride seat, not an air seat. they are more comfy and don’t get flats in my opinion.

yeah, a moment hub/ cranks would be good too.

Welcome to the forums!

You should get Profiles for that, would look much cooler.

It’ll fit, it’s 42mm.

Thanks guys.

I’m thinking about the Kris Holm/Onza Trials/Muni hub on ( I’ve found the Torker LX Air saddle to be real comfortable, so I think I may try the new KH air saddle. If only they made an addapter plate that would work with the KH seat post as the bolt pattern for the two seats are different. :angry:

Nice uni!!
are you in Washington state? Where at?


Yup, in Kirkland washington. Have you been to the St. Edwards area? A few years ago when there was snow on the ground, there was a group of unicyclists passing through the trails and wondered if you guys ever ride up in that area.

I’ve always wondered, is Kris Holm himself a member of the board here?

Yes, his Nickname is danger_uni.

there is no reason to get the KH/Onza hub.

the KH moment is stronger, cheaper, and isis.

I think he’s just worried about the color :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: I think there’s some truth behind that too!:smiley:

Thanks for the info on the KH Moment hub. I didn’t know that it was stronger than the Onza. When I do buy, I’ll have to buy this.

Maybe they’ll have it in black by then :roll_eyes:

to color coordinate, buy this hub It’s really the same as the '07 moments, and put the moment cranks on it

there, keep the black motif

The only problem I’ve found with the moment hub is that the flange “warps” and bends very easily. I believe this is due in large part to the “cut-out” pattern; guess the only reason for that was maybe to save some weight, but it makes it inherently weaker.:frowning:

Wasnt me or Goats (Jackie). I live in Spokane and Jackie is about an hour in a half from Spokane and out in the woods. =p

There are lots of Seattle and near-seattle riders, so it could be one of them. Im sure youll be hearing from them soon anyways.