new muni handle

My muni took a bouncer down a 40’ drop today (luckily I stayed in a heap at the top). She appeared undamaged, but the KH handle flex that I ‘cured’ seemed to have come back. On closer inspection at home, I found a crack almost right across my homemade stiffener / brake mount.

Rather than fix it I decided to spend the rest of the morning fabricating the new handles I’ve been planning (and not doing) for a while.

It’s turned out nicely, and feels right. grinding uphill pulling with both hands feels effortless. I’ve yet to try it offroad, or drop it any distance, so it may end up with some more beefing up.
I’m toying with the idea of lightening the saddle now that it doesn’t need to be so stiff, by loosing the plate and extra bolts.

One fine day I’ll have to remake it in something lighter than steel MTB handlebar…

That thing looks like it is ready to take whatever abuse you can dish out

what a beast of a machine. i love the bike computer/handle/brake setup. im envious :slight_smile:


How do you like having the break up there so close to the sides of your hands? I was very impressed andenvious at first glance, but im not sure how easy/comfortable it would be to reacht hat and use it…So, how is it?

Also, just curious–has anyone ever put a set up similar to road biking handle bars on a uni. Ya know, the bent handle bars wsith the brake right built in so its easily grasped and used, could it be done?

It may change after a few weeks of use, but I’ve set it up so that the lever is right on my fingertips and I can use 1, 2 or 3 fingers, whether I’m using my left or right hand as I ride with either.
It’s got well set up V brakes, so i don’t need to pull the lever too hard. If I do get cramp in my fingers, the first thing I’ll do is put bigger and stickier pads in. I had an idea last night to build a forked lever, so one fork is right under each handle, but then I’m getting even more weight involved…

Bummer that your stiffener broke after only a 40’ fall. That was a nice bit of kit.