New Muni Handle

Hello All, Just letting everyone know that I am testing a newly created Muni handle custom built by Carroll “Gus” Dingemans. Since the handle was completed saturday morning with little time to test it yet, I cant say how it will last. but i can say it feels a heck of a lot better than the miyata handle that I’v been using for way too long.

the Pictures are at :

The handle has also not gotten a paint job yet, because we dont want to waste time if it breaks (which I dont think it will). It is made of all chromoly tubing/plate, think thick.

If you have comments or can think of any great design flaws, let us know here or at :


The handle looks nice, it seems to be angled a little better than the Reeder also. Let us know how it works out! Hopefully I can think of something useful I can do that’s unicycle related while I’m laid up.

Ok, initial testing last night, I like it alot. It works much better than the miyata handle.:smiley: It gives signifigantly more leverage on jumping up to stuff. More testing to come today.