New Muni Film Trailer

Check out this new trailer, filmed and edited by Pete66. It was shot at Whitford Forest during this year’s Auckland Muni Weekend. There are some very cool glide-cam shots. Kiwi band Blindspott provide the soundtrack.

Here’s the link - its the First movie in my photo gallery

Dang, whoever did the filming for you did a damn good job. All the filming was awesome. I cant wait for the full thing.

Ah yes - witness the glories of Pete Marchant’s uber-camera and its glide-cam attachment!

Oh yeah I forgot to say the the riders in the trailer are myself and Rowan appears too.

Nice camera work, nice riding and nice editing (not sure about the music but then I never am so don’t listen to me) - should make a great DVD.

I’d like to know more about his camera set-up.

It looks like it’s some kind of steadicam. They’re quite expensive, but you can make yourself one using the instructions here. The guy who wrote the instructions seems to get very good results from his one. I’m sure you could knock one together pretty quickly.

Really cool to see some proper riding in a video and filmed well too. I know it’s easier to film trials / street, but it always seems a pity that even muni footage in videos is limited to big drops and jumps rather than nice flowing riding like that.


Kool I like the moive and i thought the music was great !!
nice riding

Fluid riding.

awesome riding… sick camera work… and i liked the music…



i like how it shows the flowyness

nice job both riding and filming!

I was really impressed with that trailer, all around. I’ll reiterate that the filming was superb, the editing and choice of music was very tasteful and appropriate. The riding… I could hear my muni calling me from the basement…


Awesome guys! Some really nice filming techniques in there, muni is tough to film but I think you’ve captured the steepness and technicality really well. I really need to come and ride with you guys…looks like great fun.


There is a simpler style of a steady cam mount that would be useful for those low follow shots. It’s not weighted and balanced like the fancy ones but it does offer a convenient hand hold that is not available on the smaller video cameras. There is a discussion of one in this therad and pictures in this gallery.

Looks like a fun trail!

That was really great filming. THe music worked real well and fits the action. Great job.

beautiful camera work man! awesome!

Wow. Any word on a release date?

Hey guys, thanks to those who downloaded it, it’s pretty big and I think pretty average compression quality/size proportions.

Some notes about the film, it’ll be coming out mid 2006, I’m sorry if this is a long wait for some but it really is the earliest feasible time for completion. It’s on the “sooner rather than later” list. Disregarding the name of this thread it’s a unicycling film and not purely muni. There’s going to be footage from all over New Zealand, ranging from 2005 X-Air to some of the most isolated and spectacular MUni locations.

It’s called “Uninhibited” because by now everybodys getting tired (tyred?) of unicycling films that don’t have a unicycling pun somewhere in the title (what’s “defect” got to do with anything? :p).

The best camera that I’m using for uninhibited so far is a PanasonicDVX100a, it’s a very similar style or at least price range to the Canons used in UniverseII. For those of you in the “camera buying market”, I can’t say enough good things about DVX100a’s except for that they’re not nearly as good as its “soon to be released” big brother: hvx200. The editing so far has been done with Adobe Premiere

Another camera I’ve used for bits that need more than one camera angle or required a smaller camera is the PanasonicGS200 which still produces a nice picture, especially because it’s 3ccd (so a seperate censor for each colour channel) but quite bad low-light results and f**k all manual controls.

The glidecam is an absolute mission to setup and use but for the results (wait till you guys see this stuff on a big screen!), is more than worth it.

You can expect to see a good mix of technical and insane riding :slight_smile: