New MUni Blue

Just back from the powder coat shop! :smiley: Wish I could get post a higher res shot, but I’m limited to 800x600:(

Great picture, did you have it powder coated blue or just the flames? Or are they flame stickers?

Looks sweet:)

With that loose brake cable I’d be worried about yanking it out in a UPD.

Do you absolutely love those pedals??? I’m looking to upgrade my Snafus.

Yes, abso-tively, posi-lutely! :sunglasses: They are BY FAR, the best pedals out there, IMO. Speedplay, “Drilliums”. They’re awesome.

I’[ve had my share of upd’s on various trails and have never snagged 'em. Lucky I guess!:stuck_out_tongue: They don’t really stick out in my way at all.

That does look very nice. Are they hydrolic brakes?

I’m in love. :smiley:

looks great except for those stickers…

Looks great with those stickers. I like it.

well yeah, thats the reason why they are so nice.

personally though, I hate them.

I love it :), must have costed you a bit?

Now that’s something that you don’t see every day, A blue powdercoated KH Muni. :roll_eyes: Actually, it is really great looking with the stickers and all. I guess it was worth the wait. Is this the one that you’re selling?

Nah, this one’s my keeper! :smiley: Btw, I chose blue to match the hub, which I didn’t want to go through delacing the wheel and all that just to change the color. This PC is really beautiful and has a second hi gloss clear PC on top of ot, so it really pops out!:slight_smile:

The powder coating (and sandblasting) on this uni, and the other two (my coker and orange '05 KH) was actually free! Well, it was a trade. I agreed to tune his wife’s piano (again…we did the same trade about 2 years ago) but the date for me to do it is as yet undetermined; he said when she starts playing it again I could come out to tune it, and that might not be for a loooog time! :sunglasses:

This stickers peel right off if I ever want to change them, so no biggie. If anything, I’d leave the flaming skulls on the forks, and just remove the one fron the neck of the frame, but it just looked to “plain” so I added that one.:smiley:

Here’s a closeup of the sticker. I kinda like it since it’s different from the plain flames you usually see.:smiley:

Arent they backwards? looks like it.

I don’t think so; the flames are supposed to go up, not down. At least that’s what I thought. Wait, sis you mean the skull should be facing the other way? If that’s what you meant then yeah, I see yourr point! :slight_smile:

You may want to get a brake booster plate. No so much for strength, but to protect the lines. Both lines snapped off at the fitting when I UPD’ed on a small set of stairs.