New Movie!!!!

that was pretty nice i like it when you jumped off the wall.

DO NOT POINT AT THE CAMERA! i dont know why but it made me feel akward like i was watching a game show.

Other den dat you were pretty good

P.S. im a yooper so i can say “den” and “dat”

nice movie, I loved the lego man!

Not just below, way below. Cotterless cranks are pretty dang weak when compared with splined.


coterless r just a waste of money unless u do free style… I bent coterless off a curb

Unless you are poor. My suzue hub with numbus x cranks handled moab and 5 months of low end trials just fine. (I kept it under 3 foot drops.)

It helps if check and tighten the cranks before every ride.

u need to stop looking at the camera
its uh well just doesnt look as good…

yeah i was SOOOOO close to buying a new camera yesterday!!! i think i might still get it… it the only one so it might be gone but it is sooo sick for only 240$CND it was a miniDV… i should get a new camera or something.

will changing my unsplined hub into a kh splined hub add more weight??

yes it will because the materioal its made of is stringer and a bit heavier…it wont ad any huge amount…just a little…maybe 1/2 to a pound.

Yeah, nonsplined hubs are alot skinnier and thinner. You can’t worry about the added weight though because the extra strength makes up for it. The KH hub and cranks are the lightest splined hub and cranks so it shouldn’t matter much.

nice film! but I wonder why your gallery is named “grieg’s pro trials”.
You’re much better in freestyle! :slight_smile:

good thinking… but I try to ride STREET!! so i am going to Gregs pro street.

‘Greg and Danny’s’ pro street, i am in the movies too, and the sick lego man thing was my idea

meh, the movie is sick neways

i assume your the guy on the freestyle?.