New Movie!!!!

Check this movie me and a friend just made… tell me what is good/bad… and what the next step up would be…

im gonna watch it right now =p

watched it =p, got some good stuff on there, specially that lego dude :smiley: anyways, there was that one spot where you were riding at a store, and there like 30 poles all about a feet feet away from each other, every try hopping from one of those to the other, that would be kool to see

I need to go lay down no cause my stumach is getting all queezy =\

pretty cool…you gotta learn rolling hops though…they look cooler.

Pretty cool. For some reason it really annoys me when you point at the camera…You have some nice tricks though. I like that rolling into hop on wheel, that was pretty flowy. Try to throw a unispin into your footplant/wall plant thing, that would be cool. I don’t know if you would call it a foot plant or wallplant because its not really a vertical wall so its more like a footplant but its not a ledge, its somewhere in between;) Keep it up, go learn a crankflip:D

i liked the part when u were rideing and u stood up and were like glideing on ur crown it was kool plus … well yea…

yeah i have never seriously tryed to do crankflips, i will try to have it for my next movie. and i will get some rolling hops in to make it more flow better.and in march i plan on getting a splined hub :slight_smile: the onza one with the kh cranks from bedford. i assume they are really good…??

yeah… thats the 500$ one right? or are you just buying the wheel set for 360$?. but yeah its not an onza uni with KH hub/crnks. its a bedford uni with onza/KH hub and cranks. the onza and kh hub and cranks are interghangeable thats why he words it like that.

The onza/KH hub and cranks are the exact same thing. I am pretty sure that if you buy an 05 Onza you will get the exact hub and cranks as if you get an 05 kh.

no i am not getting the 500$ uni… i already have the bedford light so i am just getting the hub and cranks for 250$ CDN and 40$ for darren to make my wheel with the new hub… i think this is the best option i have to get a uni with splined cranks…

ohhhh ok im getting the bedford hardcore with the profiles in a month or two.

NICE!! is that the one with yellow rims?

The rim is only yellow if you pay Darren to powdercoat it. I don’t think it comes that way.

its the exacts same as ur current uni but it will have profiles rather than the square taper or splined hub. the only reason im getting the profiles and not the '05,'60 36 spline KH’s is because in not a small guy and i ride pretty hard and i dont have money to replace cranks…so i figure i get the best ones out there that come with a lifetime guarentee.

square taper ??? what and why is that?

thats cotterless. its the hub you have ano your uni right now…its just above cottered and just below splined on the scale of strength. cottered being weakest and splined being the strongest. then profiles come just above splined

A profile hub is a splined hub.

And a square taper is the same as cotterless.

sorry ive gotten into the habit of refering to profiles and splined hubs differently.

welllllll the riding is good enough… the filming sucks soooooooo bad… it makes me all dizzy…and um yea Im with spencer… and are you rlly 17 ?