new movie

well this is my first movie I have posted and its pretty short but I like it

p.s I know the editing isnt all that great but keep it to your self lol:MOVIE

first,wich thumbnail do i click on?

and,is there a way to make the window bigger?

it says I need a new plugin… but then I click it, and it says plugin not available…

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird hold on

its the one at the bottom that sais this one should work…

I could see the vids just fine.

do you have mpeg-3 or mpeg-4

hmm, weird, but it worked from the free4all gallery.
Pretty cool movie, I think you should get some more footage, like after a week or a couple of weeks of riding/filming, then make a bigger movie. You are a good rider, though.

Pffft, you went home because of a little snow? then you went in because of a little cold? wuss. :stuck_out_tongue:

k so it did work yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay and thank you potter you a good rider your self if I do say myself

SWEET. Cake is awesome. Slick ridin’.

Does the clam have a name???

Nice vid, nice riding! What was your music? Sounds a little Moxy Früvous-y.

the song was Frank Sinatra, by Cake. One of the greatest bands like ever.

liked it, gotta check 'em out…thanks.

well yes cake is the best band in the world because it is and the clams name is hubert:D