New Movie!

Hey Everyone!
I just finished putting together my first Movie. Tell me how you like it!



hmmm it uploaded the smaller version (5.5 mb) but the larger one (13.0 MB) w’ont go. what should i do to fix this?
i’ll try compressing it with virtualDub, but will i lose most of the quality?


Never mind, Virtual Dub w’ont open it. hmmm
Any help? i have no idea what to do :frowning:


Thanks Ryan. A movie like this is perfect for people with 56K modems like me who don’t have time to get all those awsome videos. I’m downloading it now…please keep the movies coming!


The gallery uploader has difficulties with files over about 7MB or so. One solution is to FTP your file to some place you have access to and then tell the gallery uploader to grab your file from there. If you have web space somewhere that can hold your file then that would be a good place to FTP your file to. The gallery uploader does a lot better with grabbing big files from a web page or web directory than when you upload it directly from your machine.

Sweet movie, Ryan! You have some fantastic moves there.

suddenly i feel old…

Windows Media format video (WMV files) are intended to be a format for final distribution and not an editable format. Microsoft threatens legal action against programs that can edit WMV files. That is why VirtualDub cannot open the files (it’s a legal, not a technical problem).

However, it can be done. Ironically by using a Microsoft utility. Microsoft has a utility called GraphEdit that is part of the DirectX SDK (Software Development Kit). Here is a guide that shows how to use it to convert a WMV file to a DivX file.
I have not used GraphEdit. I don’t know any more than what is in the guide.

If you are going to be distributing your video in WMV format be sure to keep an original archive quality version of your file in AVI, DivX, MPEG, MJPEG, or some other high quality editable format. If you only keep a WMV version you’re going to have difficulties if you ever want to edit it again.

By the way, the video is great. I love the way you’re riding. That’s good stuff.

Nice movie.
Very Nice.

Awsome! My favourite parts are all the rail (or flow) riding clips…that’s my favourite aspect of trials. I think I’ll make a little movie of the footage I get from the 24hr. Are there any muni movies out there?


Good work.

Thanks for great training vid for our club’s up-and-coming trials riders.

I d’ont have 1.3 GB of availible space on my computer. Also, I d’ont have a “FTP” or really know what it is. I think your talking about my own website, which, i d’ont have.

Any other solutions?


That’s a fantastic movie, Ryan. Is there anything you can’t do?

Man those rail rides are amazing! The 180 unispin to pedal grab was also very cool. Where do you live? In all your videos theres snow everywhere.

Welcome to Canada, home of igloos and polar bears :D. Ryan is from Ontario, Canada (Ryan, you’ll have to tell them exactly where, I only know you don’t live in Ottawa anymore).


I don’t think I’ve taken the time out to express how impressed I am with your riding. Keep up the good work!

Hmm, may I suggest Canada Computers? They have some really cheap harddrives (for example, a Western Digital 80GB for $136 or 120GB for $189).

Ahh, but you do have a website: (upon checking, it seems to be disabled. Perhaps you already know and this is why you say you do no have one… perhaps Gilby can enable it, I am not sure).

Either way, if you can get this webspace enabled, you simply need to download an FTP client (may I take the time to reccommend CuteFTP? – As people may have noticed, this link goes to a file on my webspace. If you think I shouldn’t have it here, lemme know. My argument is that it’s a trial version, available free from the producer and is there for the purposes of furthering the propagation of unicycling videos :)).

Get the FTP program (client) running, tell it to log onto, using your username (m_extreme_uni) and your password (whatever that may be). Open up the ‘web’ directory (, not your harddrive :)) and toss the video there. I tried uploading a 23MB video a few minutes ago and was told my storage allocation was exceeded after 17MB – I’m sure 13MB will be fine. If it isn’t, I’m sure Gilby can up your limit or do something else to help out.

From there, follow John’s suggestion to tell the gallery uploader to grab the file from your webspace.

Ramble, ramble, ramble… sorry 'bout that.


even with an FTP, these galleries only allow for 8mb transfers, as previously stated

You can uplaod it through my site if you want, or throw it in your ‘my shared’ folder of Kazaa

I was able to upload a 10MB video to my Monster gallery.
I had to first FTP it to my web directory and then tell the gallery uploader to grab it from there, but it worked.

But if you still have problems, then FTP the file to somewhere where both you and Gilby have access and ask Gilby to move the file into the gallery.

I live in brooklin, Ontario, Canada. Brooklin is a small village with very little riding, and it is about 10mins north of Whitby (also farily small) and whitby is about 40mins away from downtaown toronto.

i think i might just make a few good quality videos, that are about 3-4 mins long. this will solve these problems.

thanks for all the help though, i might put some big videos on a cd, and get Brian to upload them to his site next time i see him.