New Movie!!!!!!! You Watch Now!!

well after about 3 months I got a little vid made up, I’m still trying to learn better editing skills you will note my noob skills when you see large green writing saying “video edit magic trial version, register now” and also it just goes black at the end and still plays :thinking: any ways I hope you enjoy and try to ignore the hidious green writing (as if it were posible)


i only wish that that ugly green writing wasnt there… why dont you just use windows movie maker… and most cameras come with programs… next video try to have a video editing program

good job

I’m thinking that if I don’t got to much homwork tomorrow I might re-do the vid in windows movie maker. I think I have that program but Im not sure

If you have Windows XP, then Windows Movie Maker comes with it for free.
Other than the green letters, cool movie!

is there any way to re-save it to a higher resolution as well? :thinking:

High res.

Ok after a frustrating hour or so i got the movie redone on wmm so that means no more ugly letters yay. its also higher resolution I think its about 37ish mb so if you don’t want that, search in my gallery and theres probly a low res one somwhere called Arrowhead 0002 or somthin like that

[QUOTE=Radical Reed]
well after about 3 months I got a little vid made up

Great vid, sorry, can I ask, do you mean you’ve only been riding for 3 month or working on the video of that time? I hope you mean the video beause I’ve been riding for about 3months and can’t even free mount! :slight_smile:

No iv been riding for almost a year now, but I’ve been trying to make a movie for 3 months, my computer was always jaming while I saved it, also we just started getting nice weather here so it was easyer to get footage

ive been waiting to see a vid of you…you talk pretty tuff. im dling it now.

looks great but the last 2 and a half minutes is just music. it sucks that you cant come to nf… wont be the same without ya!