New movie: UberUNI

yeah. Email me clips, and i’ll put them into my movie. i’ll definately have some from CMW, and stills too. (try to have them less than 10 mb, 15 or 20 at the very biggest)

but email clips to
with your full name/alias, and i’ll put them in!

alchemic frederick and i are already working on a second movie
(i think, it’s up to him really… but it’s not really another UberUNI unless he wants to… but it’ll have unicycle SWORD jousting.)

its really up to you guys how good the next UberUNI vids are going to be. If you send me clips, and maybe recommend a song or two this time, it’ll be better!:smiley:


Wow, Mikefule flew in from England just to go to Northstar…and he looks remarkably like me!

well, that’s the thing… i don’t know names! it went by too fast and for 15 years old, i have a surprisingly bad memory with names…

so um… correct me if i got names wrong, and i’ll be sure to post them correctly in the next vid. this was kinda just coughthrowntogetheronawhimcough and i didn’t get names right… heh…:o

No Worries!

You got the “Mike” part right at least.

are you sure i know who i am? :thinking:

no no no, YOU know who you are, and i KNOW you know that i know that you know who you are.

so basically, i Know because you know it that i know you know.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

but yes. send me clips. or face a horrible unicycling video.

Put it all together into one big 'un…

You need to make a full length feature film with a plot and everything. Ha ha, that would be weird.

plot+unicycle(ist)+full length, hour long movie = not very good = boring after a while.

i considered it, but on paper, it didn’t look too good…