New movie: UberUNI

here you go:

this contains footage of mostly Northstar Mini Muni Weekend, but it also has some great clips of JSM. This is part one of a series.

I couldn’t see it :frowning:
Even tried downloading and then watching. Still no go here.

well, it’s in quicktime, and i tried viewing it myself… it just popped up suddenly and scared the pants offa me…

The file in the gallery is not the full video file. It’s some sort of intermediate file format. It’s only 265 KB and when I try to play it it says

It looks like you’re able to play it because “Video Terminal 03” is on your local computer but none of us have it.


well, i’ll see what i can do… i’ll try re uploading it…

Yeah, video is broken dude. Make sure you finalized it all, and try hosting it somewhere else if it’s not too big.

try that there link…

still dont work :frowning:

Hmmm, thats still the 256kb .mov file. Make sure that you’re uploading the correct file by finding it on your computer and right clicking it and checking its properties. If it is only 256kb, thats the wrong one :-).

ok! i figured it out! i’ve got to export it from the program, the one i uploaded is just a shortcut. it’ll be up within the hour.

there. try that.

Haha, very nice, it works now. That was some good stuff. North Star looks like a lot of fun and you sure seem to have a lot of unicyclists out there. I have to say that the freestyle was unbelievable. As a person who’s been mostly working on trials and street, and is just now starting freestyle, I’m in awe. Actually I probably still be in awe even if I had been working on freestyle for a year or two now.

excellent movie definately worth the wait in my unexpert eyes…but i liked it alot…almost makes me wish i wanted to do MUni. but…no trials is for me!



I could see it, really nice.
I have never practiced nor muni, neither unicyle in group. I think this video kind of show the spirit of such an activity, and it seems really fun. The part of freestyle is very impressive.
However i regret 2 things. The image quality is not quite good, and it might be my player but a great part of the screen is black. The image moves a lot and it’s a bit tiring to watch.


ok. the movie looks a lot beter in hi-def original. i exported it so it wouldnt take a million years to load. I’m bringing ,my compy to CMW, so anyone there can get a good look. it looks a lot better in DV(D?) quality. it’s smoother and it can be played fullscreen. it won’t get any bigger, i can’t make it in the prefs.

nooooo my wheel!!! i dont want you to eat it! i dont have any clips
=-(i wish i were there)-=

no no no… i only eat your wheel if you HAVE clips (WHICH I KNOW SOME OF YOU DOOO!!!) and you DON’T GIVE THEM TO ME!!!

i’m coming for your wheels… you KNOW who you are… you KNOW…

nice movie. the music soudns like the beat to the song rappers delight by the sugarhill gang.

and do u want people to mail you clips so u can edit a movie? if thats what youre asking i could mail you some.


great movie!! Keep em comin’!! oh, uh, i don’t have no clips…

"Send me clips!


Or I’ll eat your wheel


ha ha ha!!!

pie is good.

and so are clips. :slight_smile: