New Movie: Trying To Clear 2 Pallets.

Cover your elbows, wrists, knees, shins with pads, dude.

Then you try more with less pain.

Really wicked! :wink:

It’s nice to try over and over again, do some nasty falls, bail out and just don’t make it… but when you do, that’s the very best feeling! :slight_smile:

Cool video, Evan. What determination. Congrats on nailing it even when you clipped the edge. I’ll bet you’ll be clearing it entirely soon.

i recon oyu should try a trials tyre you know a 19" rim

I think he knows :wink:

He uses to ride a trials, he was when i rode with him, his trials was the first trials i ever rode…

I love it Evan! You got some serious height when clearing those, like said before if you could make that energy go forward you could probably do that jump thats in the Defect trailer!

I loved the falls too ^^ Did I tell you I landed on my head for the first time? Looks like i’m getting a helmet, i’ll have to send you some videos of some of the things i’ve been dooing. I so need to get a new uni, bald 20" tire with 127 cranks is not made for near verts, although I will miss sliding when I get myself a knoby 24".


For me I have found my street uni is best for distance and height in rolling hops…the 95psi tire allows you to accelerate faster allowing you to use less space on your run up, and also the 110 mm cranks allow you to EXTREMELY fast toward what ever your aiming for.

and the truth guys…That last clip where i allmost make it? welll…that was my first try:p