New Movie: Trying To Clear 2 Pallets.


Heres my new movie…I was bored yesterday…and I desided to see if i could put my plain metal summit frame on my koxx-one wheel. Well it fit perfecty so i desided to take it for a spin…I was sitting on the side walk pondering new things to try when i looked over at my pallet stack and desided to try and clear some pallets…I figured it might be possible since i consider myself pretty good at distnace rolling hops(i can do aobut 5’5"), I tryed one pallet and got it first try, tryed it again and got it again clearing it by a good amount, so i desided to up the bar and make it 2 pallets…wether this was such a good idea i dont know…well…watch the movie and youl see…

I kept cliping the VERY edges of the last board on teh pallet.

you cna see the movie here

Pretty cool… Crashes are fun to watch. You almost cleared it completly…Looks like you started the jump a little far away? Hmm.

Kinda…I dunno, it was hrd to tell where to start because i couldnt tell if i was launching forward or up

looks like you coulda made it if you’d jumped more out and a little less up. also, try a 24, i think i could do it on a 24. maybe not a 20.

I dunnno, i swtich off from 20 to 24 all the time…i have found i can do about exactly the same on either.

Edit: it dosnt look too big from that camera angle but it was huge,it had ot be like 3ft long and plus i started a foot away from it.

u should make it like a flash avatar. or moving avatar or whatever of that slow mow crash and make it flash PWNED! after u fall. that would be totally sweet

haha I love watching you eat shit!!!

I dont crash that badly when I do something hard…

Damn that looked like it hurt your wrist, nice stuff man

Dude, you need some pads. Especially elbow!! You could easily trash an elbow for life like that!!

I was going SO fast on teh first crash, the reason i crashed so hard is my feet came off the pedals.

That’s why you need pads!!!

I have them, i just scraped my elbows a lil on those crashes.

Great riding, and music. I suggest you go and ride more muni so you won’t fall off as much when landing them on the edge of the pallets like that. :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried rolling gaps like that, but I know I’d be worried about clipping the front edge of the pallets.


I like it men nice riding practice a lil more ot get it all cleared non sketchy tho :smiley:

Zack I love your comments :smiley:

youchyouch that hurted.

god that hub looks so tiny and unsplined


i just think that you could get more speed with a 24. at least i can. but my 20 has 140s on it :stuck_out_tongue: i might have to try that tomorrow and see what i can do…

Good video, your down fall seems to be that you twist sideways towards the end of the jump so that your tyre catches the edge of the pallet, cud u keep it a little straighter ad thus get more length?