NEW MOVIE!! trailer, anyway


my friend and I have started working on our new movie, Prosecutors Will Be Violated. We’ve made the trailer, it can be found HERE.

The movie should be done by next summer.

Wow, looks mega dope. If it is goign to be long enough, make a DVD, and I will buy one.

Dude loved it! Keep ripping, keep practicing, and I can’t wait for the vid. Laters


awesome trailer concept, would’ve liked to seen more extreme tubing tho :stuck_out_tongue:

tell us when the video is done


Glad to hear that people are liking it!
Actually, there is a bit more footage of extreme tubing here:
the one called giant-cardboard-tube.wmv


Nice work, looking forward to seeing it. When I first saw the clip of the guy riding the ledge on the muni I thought he was on the round railing! A great clip either way though.


That’s awsome!

I have some plans for making a video om my own, but i need some more stuff and skills first. :slight_smile:

I started tearing up on that trailer. The movie looks like its going to be good.

Dude that was awsome, how high was the first giant drop…? and did you or whomever land it?


the big drop off the electric box was about six feet, it probably looked bigger because the one who did it is only just over 5 feet tall. ( :

And did Brian land it, you ask? meeeebbbbe… [size=1](pssst, that means no)p/size]