New Movie: The Labontemizer

Chris Labonte, long-standing member of the Berkeley unicycling contingent, and participant in CA MUni Weekend and Moab MUniFest, is moving to Phoenix. We threw a little party for him, and I put together a video with some clips I’ve collected of Chris doing MUni and a little bit of unicycle basketball. He’s a pretty cool MUni and natural trials rider who loves to bounce back from getting hurt.

Gallery version (full quality)
YouTube version

Good luck Chris and I hope the muni trails are good in the Phoenix area.

I could recognize some of the trails in the video from CA Muni Weekend rides. Fun times.

nice video… good luck man

Other than the Moab shots, the trails are in Oakland (Joaquin Miller Park/Redwood Park), Fairfield (Rockville Hills Park), or Marin County (China Camp). CA MUni Weekend 2003 used Rockville Hills Park for the Friday ride–it’s a great park. We were there this weekend on Chris’ farewell ride, and I finally got that granite face uphill that you and I tried dozens of times that year.

I think there was one year when CA MUni Weekend used Joaquin Miller, but that was a long time ago (before 2003).

Come on down this October for the Berkeley Juggling+Unicycle Festival/CA MUni Weekend this year and we’ll get you out on all these great trails!

Nice work Tom!
What a friend!!

we will all miss chris!


Good luck Chris… Hope you survive that Arizona heat… :smiley:


I recognized some trails and sights from Rockville and it also looked like there was something from De Laveaga in Santa Cruz. There were some places in the video that did look familiar.

I’ll have to see what’s going on in October. Would be fun to get down there for the juggling and then the muni weekend. And to say hello to my grandma.

That’s right, there is one shot from Santa Cruz (the wet log).

We’ll hope to see you!

I was really sorry we couldn’t make the party! Best of luck in Arizona and I hope you find some great riding nearby (probably have to wait a few months or take up night riding though). When we rode in Sedona Nov 2003 it was great.

Anytime you can come back to visit, you’re welcome to stay with us. Think about Sept 8-9 for the SF tour again this year. And Oct 12-14 for Muni weekend and … whenever you can make it.

Loved the video - nice job Tom (and Chris doing the riding).