new movie street,trial,flat

new movie from myself. cykling in november and oktober :slight_smile:

7x crankroll front and back

Thats crank roll iddle is awsome!

Far out you’ve got amazing skills! Especially flat. And awesome highjump too (I laughed at the grunt/shout after you got it :stuck_out_tongue: )

The 7x crannkroll was amazing! Crankroll idle is a good name for it.

The only thing I would say to work on are your pedal grabs. A couple of those were pretty well dabbed. The one over the fence though was much better.

Great stuff man, keep it up!

I was gonna say the exact same thing about some of the pedal grabs.
Great vid though!

Edit: Welcome to the forums also!

nice video.
what is your set up? nimbus II frame quax wheelset?

yes I have nimbus frame and quax wheelset ! :slight_smile:

how do u crankroll and crankflip

sick quote

tutorial section…
its cool tho, you are new to the forums.

nice video, well put together, pretty good flat, i like it.

Very good riding mate! Just one question… How in the world do you ride with a jumper and trousers on? You must sweat pretty hardcore!!!

that was a nice vid. loved the song too.

that was amazing… i very impressed

Haha great minds think alike!

good job
how old are you?

I am 13 years old :slight_smile:

You are very good…I would put the black frame on because the yellow hub and yelllow frame is a bit much…Loved the 83cm sidehop! Keep it up!