New Movie: Moab

I like this movie because it kind of captures the experience I had in Moab.
There seems to be alot of Forrest in there, I think its because he is really good so we tended to film him more. There is alot of me too because my mom filmed some stuff.
On Sunday’s trail we met up with Jess, Joey and their group so the really good trials near the end is them.
Here is the link.
I had alot of fun riding, filming and editing so it worked out.

that was so cool!!
the only thing I didn’t like about it was that it made me feel even more sorry I couldn’t go…oh well, looks like everyone else had a great time!!!
also, Inside Out by Eve 6 was a good choice of music (:

Great vid, looks like yall had lots of fun, im gonna be there for sure next year =p

nice video. Lol I’ll c if I have enough footage 2 make a movie:p That was some awesome riding!


Did you edit all my parts out?

Nice movie. The BC wheel drop was amazing! That would have to be the biggest one ever caught on film (and shown to others), right?


Who are you? I didn’t edit anything out really, I needed more to fill the second song so I used everything I had filmed.

Its probably the biggest I have seen but I haven’t seen another person do stuff on a BC other than Jeff in Defect and Evan when he wasn’t broken. I could go higher, I landed that drop first try. I tried a couple more times after it and I didn’t land it though.

that was sweet vid…the riding was wicked

Awesome BCing there Spencer!

Cool vid!
Wasn’t Kiris Holm there? I dind’t see him on the pictuers and in the video.

that was really sweet bc ridin. reallyliked the movie hope i can make it next year.

He is broken??

I havent seen him on here for a long time.


I got some great Kris holm stuff, I’ll post it in a day or two.

they mostly using 24" rims? Just wondering coz wouldn’t it be better with a 20" coz smaller wheels = more strength?

Wicked cool video! It’s one heck of a great advertisement for Moab Munifest! I surely won’t miss next year.

Kris was there but I wasn’t riding with him. I talked to him a couple times and he passed us on the trail like twice but thats about it.

Yeah, Evan broke his arm.

Ha, Matt is a crazy person.

I’ll have to get around to editing all my footage…I got a lot on sunday.

That BC drop looked bigger in person…

Wow nice bc wheeling that as good stuff man… who that guy in the begining who says everyone’s nuts ?

That was Abbabibble (matt).

That was really cool. All of the other pictures and couple of clips I saw made it look kind of boring, but your video really showed me what it was about.