New Movie from the Muni Militia

I just put up a new movie today here;

In this one, I pedal grab onto 5 pallets, gap up to 7 pallets, then drop from the 7 pallets to the ground. Today was the first time I tried pedal grabbing to 5 pallets. I can get the pedal on there most times, but I don’t always have my weight far enough to the left, and lose my balance. My cranks have been bent for a while now, but after today they are really bad. I’m getting Profiles for x-mas though, yee haw.

Keeping it real in Iowa…Mojoe and the Muni Militia


Nice one, Mojoe! Really impressed.

BTW, are there different kinds of pallets? What is the best kind for this kind of practice?

I keep hearing about pallets everywhere, but where do you actually get them?

I just grabbed these small pallets from work, because they are easy to move around. They don’t have a lot of room to move on top of though. Plus, these small ones aren’t very heavy and they like to slide if you land on them wrong. I fell from the top of them today, when I gapped up and the top pallet slid out from under me. I won’t be playing on them much anyway, untill I put some straight cranks on my muni.

If you need pallets, just check factories or lumber yards and such. I see them laying out behind businesses a lot.

Joe in Iowa...

Dang, now the weekend is over and I can’t scower downtown for some pallets. I guess I could phone up some companies… But that seems kind of stupid. I guess I’ll just have to wait. BLAST!